Which is the Best Safety ShoesSafety Shoes also called as steel-toe shoes is a solid shoe that is made to protect the foot from experiencing or having different injuries cause of a variety of hazards within the workplace.

Whether you are a forklift operator working on a construction site or in a warehouse, having such protection is a must-have. This footwear is made to resist such impacts like falling or rolling objects. Lots of hazards can happen anytime within the workplace so one should be more cautious.

Safety shoes are not just the basic type of shoes that we get to see every day. The design of the safety shoes is following a standard or requirement for it be able to be out on the market and most importantly, will be able to provide safety and protection to the person who is going to wear it.

To give you some hints and a further look at safety shoes, we recommend reading this article where we highlighted some of the important features to help you find the perfect pair.

Different Types of Safety Shoes

Though we know that its main purpose is to provide toe and feet protection, still there are lots of safety shoes to choose from.

Steel Toes

This safety shoe is best known as footwear that can tolerate extreme electrical hazards or shocks. It is combined with a mid-sole plate to ensure the safety cause of spikes or ruptures from below. It can also be flexed without even breaking.

Alloy Toe Work Boots

This is the most popular out of all the safety shoes out there. These safety shoes are made from lightweight materials but they are very sturdy.

Soft Toes

This type of safety shoe doesn't incorporate the safety and protective attribute. It simply provides comfort to our feet. This is best used when you are excavating dirt or just wiping off water spills. Your feet will surely be protected from any hazard.

Composite Toe Safety Shoe

- also known as "Comp Toe" shoes which are lighter in weight cause it is usually made of carbon or plastic fiber but still meets the safety requirements. This shoe is usually broad, hefty and heavy. This is also great for electric hazard work areas.

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The Best Safety Boot Should Have Parts Such as These:

  • Padded collar – for providing comfort
  • Breathable lining - for dry feet
  • D-rings - for the speed lacing system
  • Genuine leather upper – for a high-quality type of footwear
  • Protective Toe Cap - for extra wide fitting
  • Latex lining - for toe comfort
  • Dual-density slip-resistant sole - for long-lasting life and comfort
  • Pierce resistant midsole - for extra protection for the foot
  • Heel comfort device - for energy absorption for all-day comfort
  • Heel Stiffener - for security and to properly fit into the foot

What to Consider When Buying Safety Shoes

Buying safety shoes can somehow be difficult. You can be confused about what type of safety shoes best suits you or if it is worth buying? If you are going to buy safety shoes for your work, make sure to consider some of these characteristics. Here are some details that might help you out!


You want to make sure that the gear you're going to wear can really protect your feet from any harm. Might want to think of falling debris straight onto your foot and that would lead to an injury, right? We do not want that to happen. Safety is paramount when we are working.

Slip Resistant

Slip-resistant safety boot is important in preventing accidents in the workplace. When you’re buying, choose the sole with the rough sole as smooth one offers little resistance on the surface. The sole should have open tread and deep cleats for easy cleaning as well.


Of course, as the safety shoes can be a little bit pricey, we still need to check if how long can it last or withstand the type of work you are having. You do not want to buy safety shoes that have low quality and buy again for another month. We want to make sure that the price also matches the quality. We need to be smart consumers. But keep in mind that eventually, we need to change our footwear.


You can also pick what kind of design that fits the best for your work and your personality. You still want to look cool with those shoes!

Comfort and good fitting

The best safety shoes are the ones that you can wear at ease and give comfort at the same time. Sometimes, workers can be standing for a long time, or wear shoes for several hours. We still want a comfy or cozy type of shoes so that we cannot be irritated by it. Just remember, good fitting shoes are necessary for comfortable feet and when the shoes fit right, your feet will get more grip when walking.

Complies with the current standard

We would only want to buy these necessary things that meet and passed all the safety requirements or standards so that the safety shoes will really be worth buying. We need to double-check if it passed the standard so that it is usable for our work.

Different stores in malls or even online shops sell a variety of safety shoes. We can choose whatever design we want. We can choose a style that fits our personality.

Whether it is made of leather, synthetics, rubber or foam, we need to check further and be wise on buying this type of gear. We are buying this for nothing. We should know the importance of wearing these safety shoes for us to be able to appreciate more of its purpose.

OSHA & ANSI Required Wearing Foot Protection

Employers shall ensure that their workers are wearing protective footwear especially when there are risks of falling hazard, rolling objects or danger injuring the foot, it is stated in the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.136 regulation.

ANSI Z41-1991, “American National Standard for Personal Protection-Protective Footwear,” a regulation stating that safety shoes purchased after July 5, 1994, shall comply with the said standard.

To Make a Conclusion

Operating forklifts entails many risks and one of them is getting your foot rolled over by the wheel of the truck. A steel-toe safety shoe would certainly protect you from such injury.

Wearing safety shoes is just one of the simplest forms of protecting yourself from harm. Knowing that there is a high possibility of being exposed to danger, you should be able to get ready and prepare for them.

As from all of this, there are lots of reasons that we should protect ourselves from any harm because we don't know what is yet to come.