Reach Truck Training in UKAre you considering of operating reach truck at the work site? This type of forklift is one of the widely used forklifts in the warehousing industry because of its maneuverability and dependability. They can be driven in narrow aisles and corridors with ease and provides greater lifting heights to stack materials. In order for you to operate reach trucks you need to take specific forklift training for this type of forklift. You need to be a holder of the reach truck forklift licence or certificate if you are wanting to get employed in UK.

Everyone has the chance to obtain reach truck certification even if you are a total novice and has no prior knowledge to drive one. If you are thinking how long and what are the contents of the training course, here, we made that clearer for you.

How Long Doest It Take to Complete Reach Truck Training

The duration of the training course will depend on the skill level of the trainee.

If you are a novice and absolute beginner, you will need to spend 5 days to complete the course. On the other hand, if you have some experience or semi-experienced operator, it would take lesser time, you can finish the training in just 3 days.

If you are experienced and skilled operator and you only need assessment, it only take 1 day to complete the reach truck training course.

If you are formally trained operator and you are planning to cover reach truck, you will need to take reach truck conversion training, it only takes 2 days to complete the classroom and assessment trainings.

Reach truck refresher training course can be fulfilled in just 1 day.

If you are a company’s internal instructor and wanting to extend knowledge, the reach truck instructor course is the type of training suited for you. It will take 5-10 days to complete the whole curriculum.

What Will Be the Content of the Reach Truck Training Course

  • Applicable Laws and Legislations. The prevalent topics that are included in the training course content are the Under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations of 1998 and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations of 1998.

  • Operators Safety Code such as causes lateral instability, longitudinal instability, wearing of seat belts at all circumstances, unstable load, overloading, load centre and centre of gravity, traveling at the speed limit while loaded/unloaded, proper sounding of horn, pre and post operation inspection of the reach truck, parking in designated places, traveling in reverse if view is obstructed by the load being transported, proper distance between other equipment when traveling, traveling in slope and inclined road surfaces, reach truck’s manufacturer maximum lifting capacity, the reach truck’s specific operational controls, and other topics that may necessary such as worksite related subjects.

  • Safety on re-fuelling of gas and diesel-powered reach trucks and proper recharging if the reach truck is electric-powered type.

  • Factors Affecting Stability. Sideway tipping over of reach truck is called lateral instability while lengthways is called longitudinal instability. These two kinds of accidents are the most frequent occurrences in the workplaces, that’s why it is contained in the course content.

  • Familiarization Of The Hydraulic Controls Of The Reach Truck. The operational controls are unique to every piece of heavy equipment. If you know how to operate counterbalance forklift and you will be driving reach truck, you might get confused of the controls.

  • Maneuvering of the Reach Truck in Open and Tight Spaces. This is performed during practical test. The trainer will oversee your performance during maneuvering to assure that you are doing it right. You will then go solo during performance assessment.

  • Stacking at Different Levels. The most beautiful aspect and characteristic of reach truck is its capability of stacking of the materials at height. This is what reach truck is made for. The stacking is performed during practical test.

In UK, the Forklift Training Assessment is Composed of Two Parts

To assess the skill taught to the trainee, the trainer will perform two important parts of the training course – through theoretical exam and practical test.

  • The theoretical exam will be composed of multiple choice and open questions. If the operator is not competent to speak English and not literate enough to read the questions, the theoretical questions can be asked orally.

  • The practical test or actual demonstration. This test will verify the trainee’s skills learned from the reach truck forklift training. You will operate the truck in simulated working environment, the trainer will hand you over set of instruction that you need to complete. Make the trainer happy with your performance, and you are assured of obtaining your reach truck licence.

To Conclude This

Reach truck is commonly utilized piece of forklift in many workplaces. With that being the reason, there is no shortage of jobs as operator for this kind of forklift. Obtaining a reach truck licence in UK can open varied opportunities. It can help you a lot when it comes to applying for a job in many logistics and materials handling companies.