how much does Forklift repair cost?Forklifts are built strong and tough but without proper preventive maintenance and as they age, there will come a time that they will break down and need to be repaired.

And the amount to spend to bring the equipment back to its glorious condition isn’t cheap.

But how much does forklift repair cost? There is no exact dollar amount we can put on how much the cost will be, but as a rule of thumb, the repair is 3 to 4 times more expensive than you would exhaust to regularly maintain this valuable piece of equipment. The cost will also depend on the severity of the damage as it may require part replacement and if the repair cannot be done onsite then the truck needs to be shipped to the service shop, thus it will result in an additional shipping expense.

In terms of labor charge, do expect to pay $100-$120 per hour to do the service at your location for light to moderate types of repair. While the other expenses you have to shoulder are the surcharge and trip cost as the technicians need to come to your site.

It is important to know how much you would spend so that you can balance company money.

And be sure to explore all available options prior to having your forklift repaired as this is a daunting task. Here are the means you can do to save some cash.

Ways You Can Do to Save Some Cash

  1. The very least a business owner can do to save money is to keep an equipment daily inspection checklist. That way the drivers can keep track of the condition of equipment and spot problems while they’re still minor. Instruct your drivers to do a 5-minute inspection before they jump on the forklift and immediately report if any glitch is found.

  2. It is ideal that the repair must be done by a certified technician who is specialized in the type and model of forklift you want to be fixed, hiring this kind of technician is not cheap. Now, just because a forklift service company quoted you a very low cost in labor, it does not mean you’re getting good value for money. You might have heard not-so-nice stories from other people who hired cheap labor, and the end result is what they did not expect - the truck isn’t fixed. Ideally, only employ a trained professional to do the job.

  3. Getting into a service maintenance agreement with a forklift service provider will surely help you save money. How does this help you? Well, their qualified technicians will do inspection in regular intervals and any kind of repair is covered. While some service providers also include a warranty for the service (parts and labor) they provide.

  4. Stay away from a service provider that gives a very attractive service plan and a very low labor rate but mark up the replacement parts they supply for a humongous price. This kind of service provider prey on customers who do not know how much does the part really costs. Be wary or at least have an idea if parts on your truck need to be replaced.

  5. The service quote should detail the parts that will be used and the labor rate for the overall job. Put the quote on paper. Why it should be written in the first place? The reasons for doing so are for you to be able to formally compare quotes from different service providers and more importantly, the service company cannot refute, after the repair has been done, that they gave you a higher price. If the quote has been given verbally, there’s a good chance of disagreement and the relationship could turn bitter.

  6. If you are going to hire a service company, it would be ideal to contact the one that is nearest to your location so that when the equipment breaks down, they can come easily and conveniently to your site to fix the machine avoiding potential lengthy downtime. We want the forklift to get back to the original condition so that things won’t be interrupted from the business point of view.

How Long Should the Repair Take?

The time it takes to complete the repair varies primarily on the severity of the damage and how fast the technicians come to your site. If the repair is minor and can be done onsite, the repair can last for 2-3 hours. But if parts need to be replaced and it isn’t available, it could a little longer for the truck to be fixed.

And the biggest factor that comes into play is that if the truck has to be transported to the service shop because the damage/repair cannot be done by the technician on site.

If this is the case, you have to arrange for logistics to transport the truck to and from the service shop. And you know what does that means – the longer time for the forklift to get back to operation.

If you are going to contact a service shop, find the one that is nearest to you so that when you have to visit it in the shop for whatever reason, you can arrive there in no time.

Equipment Downtime Can Cost You Severely

We all know that when the equipment breaks down, many of the aspects of the business is either disrupted or put to a standstill. And we don’t want that to happen. And there are ways to at least minimize downtime, you may do these:

  • Train your forklift operators on a regular basis so that they can take care of the machines and themselves, perform daily equipment inspection and know what has to be done when they find faults on the machine. The training should be supplemented to the workers as frequently as possible to make them aware of their responsibilities. The training can be done onsite by hiring a third-party trainer or offsite in the training provider’s facility. If you are going to ask me which is better, I would choose the former option so that the trainer can customize the course to match up with your workplace settings.

  • Forklifts are used and sometimes abused. You would not find two of the same equipment in the same condition. To keep track of their performance and condition, it mandatory to keep records of individual truck’s repair and inspection records as the basis for planned maintenance.

  • Find a trained and professional technician who can do the job properly. The best way to look for these talented individuals is by contacting a service company. If you are going to do this, choose a reputable service company that has been doing business in the industry for quite some time now as it is a good indicator of their quality service.

  • If your truck has broken down and you realize that it will take some time for it to be fixed, you can contact a rental company to get a substitute to tract has it delivered in the soonest possible time. That way business won’t be disrupted minimizing the effect of downtime.

To Make a Conclusion

An important piece of equipment that is crucial to your business has broken down – your forklift. What now? Well, the first thing that comes to your mind is to contact a service provider. Yes, you can easily call them as they’re just a phone call away.

But what matters most is how much does the forklift repair cost. Fixing the equipment does burn a horn a hole in your pocket as it isn’t cheap.

Be sure to know what has to be done in order to save money. With the guidelines we stated above, we’re pretty sure you can fix your truck in the most economical way possible.

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