forklift seatIn this guide, we assist you with pointers in finding the best forklift seat for your truck.

We all know that it is always of utmost importance to provide the operators with a comfortable and ergonomic seat.
With operation running round the clock, operators are sitting for long period of time, they become prone to physical fatigue and other complaints and the most common is back pain or sore back.

So, when the truck’s seat is worn-out or broken, getting it replaced can be the best way to help them not to suffer from their work; they will praise you for that.

The best forklift seat should have a design that helps gives operators good body support and incomparable comfort.
If you are looking for a seat to buy, here are some of the guidelines you can follow.

Tips in Choosing the Best Forklift Seat Suitable to Your Application

When it is time to replace your seat, you can shop for almost any brand/model you want. But to give you a better idea of what to fit into your machine, here are some tips you keep in mind:

  • Discuss with the forklift operators – Do ask the operators what issue they’re having, they’re familiar with it since they’re the end-users; you may be surprised that they want to replace the forklift seat because they’re no longer comfortable sitting in it; discussing with the operators will give you also better insights and they can even offer the best recommendation which model or brand to buy.

  • Will you go for the same model? – Perhaps, the first thing in your mind is to replace it with the same brand and model of the seat currently installed, or switch to universal or identical copy. If you ask me, I would not do that. If the seat tattered or wear out faster than expected, the same will happen when you fit the truck with the same type. I would rather choose the more quality model even it costs more because you know it can survive the day-to-day use and give better comfort.

  • Choose the one which is more ergonomic – ergonomic forklift seat offers the operators with maximum comfort even they work for an extended period; the comfort keeps them productive during the entire work shift. It makes sense to shop for a more ergonomic model.

  • You can buy for OEM forklift seat – getting the OEM products, you know they’re compatible with the brand of forklift you’re using. Contact your local dealer if they have the seat you’re looking for and discuss with the representative to get an expert opinion. 

Specs to Look for When Buying Forklift Seat

  • Choose the one that is air-type suspension so that it absorbs most of the vibration when the machine is in motion.
  • Choose the one with built-in seat belts so that operators are always can buckle up when they are on the forklift.
  • Forklift seats can have vinyl or cloth cover; the vinyl is the one I preferred because it is to maintain and clean, it doesn’t stain easily and more rigid than cloth seats. While the only advantage of the cloth is that it is breathable and can make a difference in terms of comfort when the operator is seated for a long period.
  • Find the model with seat safety switch – this feature prevents the machine from operating when the operator is not sitting on the seat.
  • Choose the one with chrome hip restraints – this feature of the forklift seat is used in place of armrests to secure the operator when seated.

Leading Varieties of Forklift Seat: See Which One Will Suit Your Truck

A poorly designed seat can be the major cause of the forklift operator’s fatigue and backache. You need to immediately buy forklift seat when the old one is already worn-out as it can cause more labor hours to your business operations. If you want to improve the productivity of your operators, then it’s time to find the best forklift seats in the market.

Here are some of the top brands that suit many models and brands.

Concentric Fold Down Seat
Size (30.1 x 23 x 22 inches); Weight (approximately 44.1 pounds)

This one perfectly fits for forklift Clark, CAT, Hyster, Yale, Toyota, or Crown. It has a steel frame with a trimmed edge for added sturdiness. The black vinyl-covered molded cushion and its ribbed seat for airflow give total body ease to the user. The concentric fold-down seat has its own safety switch and it includes retractable seatbelt. Having small legroom is not a problem with its adjustable backrest that can reach up to 45 degrees both front and back. The seat is also adaptable to weight ranging from 50 to 130kgs. It also has its own rails adjustable from 230mm to 330mm. The full feature seat is made of a dust-proof mantle for a stress-free cleaning procedure. Bringing an important contract is also made easy with its integrated document bag.

K & M Universal Replacement Forklift Seat
Size (23 x 25 x 23 inches); Weight (approximately 40 pounds)

This universally designed seat is best for Komatsu, Toyota, TCM, Mitsubishi, and Nissan forklifts. It is made with a rugged vinyl seat, steel frame, and slide rails with 6 inches of movement. The product is integrated with a 60degree adjustable backrest in order to provide comfort to the user. Its retractable seatbelt is out of the way when not in use. The manufacturer has added an operator presence switch for more safety precautions. The item also has a durable document pouch where you can store the owner’s manual and other valuables.

Intella 01011080 Vinyl Forklift
Size (30.1 x 23 x 22 inches); Weight (approximately 44.1 pounds)

Intella 01011080 can fit forklift Clark, CAT, Hyster, Yale, Toyota, or Crown. This item fits most 8 series Toyota models. It has a retractable seatbelt and switch for added safety and is designed with built-in tough suspension. It is designed with built-in operator manual holder that can also keep your valuables. Its adjustable backrest that can reach up to 45 degrees both front and back provides total body ease to the user. The seat’s weight adjustment can range from 50 to 130kgs. Slide track with adjustment of 150mm. Includes rails (adjustable 230/330 mm) and microswitch.

Quality forklift seat conforms to the body’s shape. It supports the spine and other bones to avoid back pain and other related muscle fatigue. It also reduces the user’s stress and will definitely keep your staff efficient all throughout the day.

How Important is a Forklift Seat?

To elaborate on the information mentioned earlier, you need to understand that forklift operators are working up to 8-12 hours shift. It includes regular and competitive tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. After years of usage, an uncomfortable forklift seat can result in greater cases of strain on the operator. These muscle tensions lead to pain and pain can lead to a more serious injury. Then, when your employees are injured, their level of productivity will suddenly decrease.

To avoid strain, forklift seats underwent broad testing to assure that they will have the ability to adapt to different shapes of forklift operators’ body. Today’s technological innovation also provides lumbar supports and back adjustments to make sure the user’s comfort.

Generally, the forklift seat’s special structure is made to benefit the company and its employees. The head, shoulder, and neck guards can prevent the operators from the dangers of forklift tip-overs and other unwanted incidents. Its side bolsters help to keep the operators secure in the forklift seat in case of a tip-over. Armrests are included to avoid muscle discomfort and numbness. A revolving base aims to reduce backache from a sudden turn of the body.

Maximize your return on investment by not compromising the health and security of your operators.

Why Do You Need to Immediately Replace a Damaged Forklift Seat?

A worn-out forklift seat may also cause a larger problem. Uncomfortableness and unsuitableness for the operators are not only the leading problem. A serious accident may arise from falling especially when the seatbelt is not properly working anymore.

Severe injuries or death in the event of a forklift accident are not impossible to happen. But the question is since the need for replacement is immediate, should you go buy the first seat you find in the market?

Of course not, guidelines in choosing the right seat will always come across so that you can make the best decision. It should be the one that will perfectly fit your operating environment and will offer the perfect comfort for your employees.

One tip is to stick with the type of the old seat if its performance over the years is great enough to become loyal. You can just take its picture and send it to your contact stores so they can guide from start to finish.

To Make A Conclusion

Always remember that one of the important accessories of a forklift, either large or small, is its seat. Finding the one that will fit the most is essential for the duration of work that needs to get done. Also, it is not only about the operator’s efficiency but physical health should also be one of your priorities.