forklift repair in AlabamaKeeping your forklift in tip-top shape has a very unique advantage – it prevents downtime. However, it is unavoidable that some at point it will break down.

And there will come a time you need to hire a forklift repair service in Alabama. Getting into a maintenance agreement with them will also have an added benefit.

You might find that hiring a repair service shop is a daunting task. Consider all available options in choosing the right one. See below the guidelines in choosing a repair service shop.

There is no crystal ball to predict when the forklift will fail. But with regular maintenance, you can span the service interval and lengthen the life of the equipment.

If you are looking for a company to do the maintenance and repair of your equipment, here are the shops you can contact with:

Forklift Repair Service Companies in Alabama

  • Wheeler Material Handling
    165 West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, (800) 489-9253
    500 Production Avenue, Madison, (800) 372-1730
    5047 Business Park Drive, Montgomery, (800) 789-6351
    5965 Knight Avenue, Tuscaloosa, (833) 339-9253

  • Taylor Forklifts of Alabama
    1050 Powder Plant Rd., Bessemer, AL (205) 428-7050
    5640 Commerce Blvd, East, Mobile, AL (251) 666-2924
    1121 John Overton DR, Montgomery, AL (334) 279-6663

  • Wise Forklift, Inc.
    107 Commercial Ln, Dothan, AL 36303,
    (334) 794-8468

  • Alabama Forklift Repair Inc.
    Corporate Office
    1105 7th Street North, Clanton, AL 35046, PO BOX 1507
    Office: 205-755-4570
    Montomery - 334-265-2915
    Birmingham Office - 205-324-5845

  • D&S Forklift , Sales And Equipment Repair
    21127 Lawrence Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532
    Phone: +1 251-459-5416

  • Thompson Lift Truck - Mobile
    30950 AL-181, Spanish Fort, AL (251) 626-5100
    2401 Pinson Highway, Birmingham, Toll Free 1-833-271-0972

  • Forklift Hunter
    216 East Interstate 65 Service Rd N, Mobile,
    Phone: 251-479-2270

  • Lift Service, Inc.
    1110 AL-20, Tuscumbia, AL 35674
    (256) 381-0021, Fax: (256) 381-0177

  • LiftOne
    3930 Pinson Valley Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35217
    Toll Free: 205.520.2000

  • Springer Equipment Company, Inc.
    4263 Underwood Industrial Drive, Birmingham, AL
    (205) 951-3675, (256) 533-9250, Toll Free: (866) 780-5015, Fax: (205) 951-3642

  • Briggs Equipment
    1301 West I-65 Service Road N., Mobile, AL 251-478-2223
    647 Murray Road, Dothan, AL 36303, 334-793-4927

  • TMH Lifts
    2579 Highway 280, Harpersville, AL 35078

  • Carolina Handling
    33 Barber Ct, Ste 113, Birmingham, AL 35209
    Phone: 205-402-0640, Fax: 205-402-0644

  • DIXIE Lift Truck Repair
    6335 Highway 78 East Cordova, AL, US 35550
    +1 205-255-6165

  • Southern Lift Trucks
    871 S. Washington Ave. Mobile, AL 36603
    (251) 278-2247

  • Five Star Forklift Repair
    1820 1st Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35210
    (205) 956-9690

  • Kenco Toyota-Lift Inc.
    9600 Madison Blvd.
    (256) 464-6462

  • H&E Equipment Services
    190 Production Ave, Madison, AL 35758
    Toll Free: 866-GO-RENTAL, Local: 256-774-2700

  • Elite Equipment Rental
    93 Refreshment Place, Decatur, AL

  • Tennessee Valley Forklift Repair, LLC

How to Find the Best Forklift Repair Service Company

  • If the repair is significant that it cannot be done onsite, find a service company that can loan you a forklift while your truck is in their shop that way, with substitute equipment, the effect of downtime can be minimized.

  • Contact a service center that has experienced and certified technicians that can show you the fault of the truck that way when the forklift breaks down again and if you suspect it is the same problem, your in-house mechanic can do the job without having to call the pros.

  • To lessen interruption, look for a service company with 24-hour on call technicians so that when the equipment breaks down, they're just a phone call away to provide technical support.

  • Look for a service center with technicians who are specialized in the particular brand and model of your forklift.

  • Find a service center that has a modern facility and is equipped to handle any repair job you might want to throw at them. If you aren’t sure the shop you eyeing has this, you can visit their facility and see what they can offer.

  • Make sure the shop is near to you and that you are going to be able to be serviced by their technicians in the quickest way possible to reduce the adverse outcome of equipment downtime.

Getting into Planned Maintenance Agreement Save You Money

What we often hear is that a planned maintenance program is a customer’s money. How you are going to save money from getting into a planned maintenance agreement with a service company?

When you get into the maintenance program, some service companies actually waive charges such as the travel fee, and you are going to be billed only one hour for the labor regardless of how many hours it takes to complete the service. You are going to be charged one hour even the technicians take 2 or 3 hours to perform the maintenance service.

Some shops also give you free inspection service in every minor and major part of the truck and whatever the forklift requires for preventive maintenance service what the technicians will be doing.

Finally, the very idea of planned maintenance is that you get regular technicians to service the equipment to take care of the fluids, oil, filter, hydraulics, engine, transmission, batteries, lifting mechanisms, and other major components for longevity and to extend the life of the truck.

And while the technicians are doing the service, they could find potential breakdown problems that could be prevented. If you’re not doing planned maintenance, such a problem can be left neglected and you could be surprised for much how the money you have to spend on the repair.

How Often Should the Forklift Need to Be Serviced?

If your truck is fairly new, it is easy to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, however, if your truck is old, you can maintain a service record so that you can track its maintenance and repair.

You can track hours of use especially when the forklift runs round-the-clock. It tends to have shorter service intervals. If your truck runs on diesel or propane, it will need to be serviced after 300 hours of operation. On the other hand, if you have an electric forklift, 500 hours is the recommended service interval.

If your truck is used seldom, the recommended time for it to receive regular maintenance is every six (6) months.

Regular maintenance is an important aspect of owning a forklift. Your operator should be aware of this otherwise, any defect undetected can lead to expensive problems.

Provision of forklift operator training is one of the aspects in keeping the workplace safe and the inclusion of equipment maintenance in the training curriculum must not be neglected.

To Make a Conclusion

A small repair can rapidly escalate into big pain if left ignored. That is when you need a forklift repair service, and the state of Alabama has few of these shops.

And be cautious as well in selecting. Be sure to hire the right one with the best technicians and customer support before making the final decision.

If you find a good shop, you might consider getting into an agreement with them to do future service and maintenance.

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