forklift ramp for saleForklift ramps are one of the most adaptable and commonly used equipment in the warehouse and loading docks. Forklift ramps are usually referred to as mobile loading ramps, yard ramps, and ground to dock ramps.

They usually support the forklift as it transports materials from platform to another usually from the ground or dock to the shipping container or trailer truck (or vice versa).

In the field of forklift ramp designs, there are lots of manufacturers that took the time to improve the quality of their products in order to make sure that loading and unloading activities become effective and efficient.

In truth, purchasing material handling equipment like forklifts together with forklift ramps is a significant investment so you want to make the best decisions.

That is the very reason why we’ve put together this useful to help you, as a consumer, comprehend the industry of forklift ramp and make great decisions in buying.

Kinds of Forklift Ramps Commonly Available

Aluminum Forklift Ramps

Aluminum is lighter in weight than traditional steel. It is thick and heavy-duty and can hold up to 10,000. This 72’ x 15” with 6" lip for better stability that can be hooked to car hauler trailer decks, etc. 

 Aluminum forklift ramps are safer to use in a “risky environment” where flammable materials and strong chemical compounds are being handled. Honestly, since it is made with aluminum, it is more expensive to purchase and have a shorter life span so customers that have a significant need for an aluminum ramp will almost always buy steel ramp.

Steel Forklift Ramps

This is a great investment for companies that have lots of materials to load and unload daily. Perfect for huge forklift as this is one of the largest selections of ramps. It is designed for heavy workloads and is made from sturdy materials that can stand changes in weather and chemical corrosion.

Here's we recommend: 

Steel provides excellent traction while preventing the formation of snow, water, and other debris. The beveled structure gives a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp. It could potentially last up to 20 years if taken with proper care.

Specifications You Should Consider When Buying

• Determine your application’s maximum load capacity – the ramp usually can bear the 1-yearweight of 10,000 to 12,000 pounds. To compute the minimum capacity needed, combine the weight of the forklift + the goods + packaging. The weight should not exceed the ramp’s capacity.
• Specify the correct length and width of the ramp you want to purchase. As a general rule, it is best recommended to buy a ramp 12" to 18" wider than the widest load that will be on it.
• With lifting chain so that the ramp can be moved using the forks of the forklift eliminating manual handling.
• Whether you need an Epoxy grit coat surface for better wheel traction.
• Choose a brand that gives at least a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Forklift Ramps for Sale on Amazon

How Can Forklift Ramp Benefit Your Business?

Forklifts are one of the primary workhorses in industrial/manufacturing shipping and receiving operations. This kind of ramp can offer the following advantages:

  • It’s safe. Forklift ramp technology is designed to be operator friendly but proper training should also be practiced and monitored.

  • It saves time. Using this ensures that your workers aren’t wasting their time. Each loading and unloading jobs can get done quicker. Multiple shipments are not a problem.

  • It’s sturdy. Depending on its size, forklift ramps can handle tons and tons of loads without caving under pressure.

  • It avoids delays. It makes replenishment and inventory cycle more productive. It enhances the operation of manufacturing, industrial, and wholesaler companies.

Do You Really Need to be Mindful about the Brands?

Honestly, unbiased meticulousness is fair enough when it comes to buying forklift ramp. So, the answer is actually YES. Do you want to know why?

It is because for the past 30 years forklift quality has dramatically improved generally. This kind of equipment is designed to be suitable for a particular purpose which mainly includes “bearing heavy loads”. Their functionality is the same. But if there is one thing that makes some better from the other will be the “useful lifespan”. So how can you find one and what should you do?

Remember that you should never compromise on quality, do your duty as a customer and be the “best buy specialist” for yourself. But regardless of the brand, it is important that you fully understand each of the product’s features that it has to offer. You can do some other research online or simply ask the referral of your family, friends, colleagues, and those who are experts in this industry.

When to Rent a Forklift Ramp?

If the application is loading and unloading from or to the back of a trailer truck elevated on the ground, you need a heavy-duty ramp. This type of ramp is much more expensive.

Will you rent if you need such a heavy-duty ramp?

If your need is temporary, or if the revenue generated by the ramp won’t affect the cost itself, then it is better to make a rental plan. Renting offers you the kind of flexibility you need to get the most bangs for your buck.

Forklift ramps can greatly assist a business, without access to a loading dock, to easily unload shipments for a short period. But if you’re business is engaged in daily stocking activities, then acquiring your own equipment is a must.

Renting would be impractical if the purpose is permanent. You can compare the acquisition price of the new ramp considering its life span from the rental fee to be paid during the same number of years (the life span of a new ramp). If you find it more practical to acquire one fresh from the factory and you have the fund, then don’t hesitate to buy it now.

Safety Precautions When Using Forklift Ramps

  • Maintain a safe distance from the edge of the ramp to avoid accident such as tip-over.
  • When the forklift is loaded, travel in reverse when descending on the ramp.
  • When traveling on a ramp with an unloaded truck, travel with the forks pointed downgrade, regardless of whether you are ascending or descending the ramp.
  • Travel slowly when going down the slope especially when the forklift is loaded.
  • Don’t do sudden directional change or turn the truck on a ramp whether if it is empty or not. Changing direction when driving on a ramp can cause the truck to tip over.

To Make a Conclusion

When choosing the right forklift ramp for sale, you have to first define how you are going to use it and take note of the specifications you need for your application.

Having the right ramp can streamline the operation and it can offer operator safety and punctual delivery. Take time and consider what forklift ramp is right for your business need.