forklift operator training school

If you are an individual or employer planning to get certification, find a training school able to deliver quality training and knowledge.

If you are a novice without prior skill, you can enroll for a course at the training school. There, you will learn the fundamentals in operating the forklift.

An employer seeking education for their fleet can make an arrangement to conduct the training at the actual workplace or register the operators so they can take the course at the school’s facility. Conducting the training in the actual workplace is much better compare to sending the workers to the school’s facility.

What are the criteria in choosing the best school? Some of you may decide to enroll at the school nearest to you, or may be it’s the cheapest one, or may be it is your colleague’s recommendation or you could have your own reason.

Now let me enlighten you in choosing the forklift operator training school to get training from. Here are the tips you can use to help you come up with a decision.

How to Choose Training School

An affordable school is not always the best option to take the training from. Hence, we have listed these essential points so you can make an informed decision:

  1. A good quality school will educate trainees in numerous topics about forklift safety, equipment operation, related OSHA regulations, workplace-specific subjects and in applicable federal regulations. In addition to these, school should provide intensive course to address forklift maintenance and inspection that includes refueling, recharging, and basic troubleshooting.

  2. Make a prudent decision, select the school that offer long training course, usually last for 2-3 days, in order to absorb much facts and information. I do not encourage you to enroll in a school that promises you to become certified in just few hours of training.

  3.  There are schools that offer job placement at the same time. This is ideal for obvious reason. Though the school may ask for more amount, but your chance of landing a job is assured.

  4. Pick the school that offers classroom lecture and practice driving. This is the problem when taking online certification. You can only learn the theory part of the course. OSHA state that training must include both classroom discussion and practice driving.

  5. If you can spend some amount of time to survey the training schools in your area and speak with trainees about the quality of the education, then it can help you also.

  6. Go through the job advertisements of companies, it will give you a sneak peek of what the employer requires for the job. List those job requirements and inquire about it with the school if they can provide you these.

  7. There are many types of forklifts being used in different industries. When choosing the course, pick one that offers training in numerous forklift types.

  8. One good characteristic of a forklift operator is hand-and-eye coordination. Employer is also looking for this trait from applicant before offering a job. Choose a school with training course that begins with an eye examination and coordination test.

What are the Qualities of a Good Forklift Operator Trainee

Let me iterate this, the quality of training does not only rely on the school, most importantly it depends with the attitude you portray, and understanding the requirements the job needs.

To make it clearer, here I have broken down the possible traits and prerequisites of a good forklift operator.

• No vision and hearing impairments that cannot be corrected by wearing glasses and hearing aid.
• Not taking prescription medicine that affect his mental ability.
• No substance abuse that could affect his mind.
• No criminal record, a background check may be performed by employer before getting hired.
• A good forklift operator follows safety policies of the school and advocate others about it.
• A good trainees is responsible and attentive to the training course.
• A good trainee asks questions and clarifies matters he does not know.
• Trainee follows instruction and always prepared.
• Maintains safety at all time during the training
• Wears proper safety attire during the duration of the course especially at the practice test
• Operates the forklift safely and perform safety checklist before and after operation.
• Executes what he learned from the classroom discussion.
• Applies trainer’s teaching during the practice test.
• Listens to other fellow trainees and learn from them.
• Know what are the responsibilities and duties to perform the job.

Contents of the Training

OSHA legislation instructs that the training course must consist of formal education (classroom lectures through video showing, interactive computer learning, written materials, and discussion), driving practice (demonstrations by the trainer and practice driving by the student), and evaluation of the trainee’s performance in simulated or actual work environment.

What are the Topics to be Discussed

We have included these two parts that need to be given focus during the course. You may not give importance on these two, but believe when I tell you, these are important subjects that could be applied in actual job.


  • Pre-operation checking, instructions and warnings, of operation of specific truck.
  • Forklift driving controls and instrumentation: how each control works what id does.
  • Correct steering and proper maneuvering oft the truck
  • Proper loading and restriction for visibility
  • Fork operation and its attachment, their function, use and purpose.
  • Equipment load capacity
  • Forklift truck stability
  • Truck inspection and correct maintenance that the lift truck driver will be tasked to carry out.
  • Refueling of forklift (engine) and recharging of batteries
  • Following operation instruction indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.

Workplace-related topics:

  • Road conditions of the workplace
  • Loading, stacking, and de-stacking of materials in the workplace
  • Pedestrian traffic and accident avoidance especially during there are many people aroundSafe operation in narrow aisle and tight space
  • Driving on ramps and slopes that could topple loads and vehicle
  • Safe working practice in closed environment when working with a diesel truck. CO and other poisonous gas could build up in this of location that could hamper the health and safety of the operator.

To Conclude This

Having a quality forklift training not only depend on the school you’ve have chosen, more importantly it also depend on your right attitude. Get educated by the school and by your own self. The forklift operator training schools will not do much for your education if you are someone unruly and don’t follow instruction.


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