Forklift Licence Gold CoastIf you are doing work classified as high risk work such as forklift driving, then you need to legally operate the machine. Getting your HRW forklift licence in Gold Coast is a straight forward and it will only take you 2-3 days to complete the process.

How to Apply for the Licence

    1. Check what licence you need, there are two classes: LF and LO.
  1. Comply with the RTO training requirements (2 valid IDs, applicant’s age must be 18 and older, know to speak and write English).
  2. Find an RTO to conduct the training. The applicant must receive the formal and actual operation training. Applicant must complete the required number of hours of forklift operation.
  3. After completing the course, reserve for examination and assessment schedule to the RTO. Passing the written examination and actual forklift assessment is mandatory.
  4. Successful applicant will be issued with certificate of attainment (COA) and notice of assessment (NOA) from RTO.
  5. Complete HRW licence application requirements (filled up F1 form, CEO, NOA, 100 points evidence of identity, current passport size photo of yourself, and application fee). Submit personally those to Australia Post for processing of the Workplace Health and Safety HRW photographic licence.

Registered Training Organisation in Gold Coast

The RTO is the certified body that is authrorised to conduct the forklift training course. Here are the RTOs in Gold Coast.

  • The Operator School
  • Barclay Thomas Forklift Training
  • Major Training Group
  • ABC Driving School
  • Skills on Safety
  • Occupational Health Services Australia
  • Koolat Safety
  • Hi Reach Training Australia
  • Civil Safety
  • GL Training and Safety
  • Diverse Training

Classes of HRW Forklift Licence

  1. LF Class – This type of lience allows holder to operate a forklift truck. Holder is not allowed to perform work under LO class.
  2. LO Class – is a type of license given to those operator who is using an order-picking forklift truck This truck is commonly stock pickers.

Renewal Process of Lost, Damaged or Expired Licence

  1. Complete the form 75
  2. Submit to Australia Post
  3. You will be contacted if the replacement licence is ready for collection. You will also be informed where to collect it.
  4. Must present 100 points Evidence of Identity and pay application fee.

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