Forklift Certification in MontanaThe state of Montana focuses on OSHA legislation 29CFR1910.178 for forklift operator certification. It states that all operator must be properly certified before driving heavy equipment such as forklift, and it is the responsibility of the businesses or employer to provide it.

In Montana, aging workforce is growing. A couple of years back, US DOL positioned workers in this state 7th as the oldest in the US.

When you want to chase a job in this state as a forklift driver, you need to get a license to legally operate forklifts. Here we’ve supplied the information you need to easily apply for your certification.

Applying for Forklift Certification

You can contact one of the training schools or centers in your area for you to enroll in the training course. We’ve provided here those schools, you can see below.

In learning how to operate a forklift safely, the trainee will have to go through the of classroom discussions. Where he will learn OSHA rules, basic forklift controls, culture about safety, basic safety procedures, hazard identification prior to performing work, making a simple work plan, accident awareness video presentation, and many other subjects to bring you the necessary knowledge and awareness.

To experience first hand operating the machine, the hands-on driving is mandatory. At this stage, the trainer will assess your practice drill and oversee your performance. The trainer makes necessary comments if something is not right or appraises when you do the task right. The practice drills include basic maneuvering, loading, and unloading, transferring of loads from one place to another, delivering of materials at height, pallet positioning, determination of efficient plan of work prior to working, basic troubleshooting, proper parking.

The trainee will have to take and pass the written test to be provided by the trainer. The trainee shall answer the questions correctly and make the passing rate of 70%. The trainer then will compose an evaluation on how the trainee performed during hands-on training.

Upon completion, the successful trainee will receive his certificate and wallet-size license card that will be mailed to the trainee’s resident. The license will expire after three years.

Note: The training you must apply should be specific to the type of forklift truck you’ll be driving.

READ these guides to help you:

Forklift Training Schools in Montana

  • Montana Safety Services Council - MSSC Training, Center,2727 Central Avenue, Ste.,2 Tel:+1-406-248-4893
  • Montana,State,University - 2327 University Way, Room 230 Bozeman, MT,59715, Phone:+1,406-994-0211
  • IVES Training Group - provides training in employer location or at their training facility ,covers many states, call 1-800-643-1144
  • F-M Forklift Sales & Service Inc. -,5840,Interstate,Avenue,,Billings,,MT,59101,,Phone: (406),254-6900
  • Montana Trucks & Forklift -,2045,Mullan,Rd, Missoula MT,59808,Tel:(406),541-7447
  • Montana Forklift Corp - 2045 Mullan Road, Missoula MT,59808, Phone:(406) 542-0502
  • University of Montana - 32 Campus Dr., Missoula, MT 59812, Phone:+1,406-243-0211
  • Raymond Handling Concepts Corp.- Toll Free:888-820-8811,Phone:,253-333-2100,Fax:253-333-5051
  • CertifiyMe - offers training services to many states, you can contact this provider at 888-699-4800
  • Norlift Inc,-410,ExpresswayMissoula, MT,59808, (406) 541-8903

The training school can deliver the training at your employer’s location by sending a trainer. This is ideal because the trainer can identify the types of equipment being used and behavior of the forklift operators so that he can formulate a training program that will cater to meet the present needs.

The employers can also send their personnel to the training school where they opted to have the training. The drawback of this is it can affect the business production.

You must choose the right school where you can take the training from. You can READ this article about selecting the best training school:

Forklift Training Requirements

  • The trainee must have a valid Montana driver’s license or valid ID that can show proof of his identity.
  • You must be least at the legal age of 18 years old. You cannot be accepted either at the training or at the actual job when you’re not at the right age.
  • Good background check
  • No history of substance abuse or drug dependency
  • Must wear personal protective equipment (hard hat, vest, pants, safety shoes, etc.)

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Salary of certified forklift operator

In Montana, a licensed operator can receive an average yearly salary of $33,158 on average. It is a good potential if you can drive more than one type of forklifts so you can get a pay increase and promotion.

The more competent and seasoned operator can be assigned as a designated trainer of the company and it can open up opportunities for employment promotion.

In the latest Salary.Com's June 27, 2019 salary report, here are the cities and towns of Montana that give high wage for forklift drivers:

$34,774 - Acton $34,482 - Ingomar
$34,628 - Ballantine $35,993 - Libby
$35,030 - Billings $33,546 - Outlook
$34,482 - Bridger $34,014 - Poplar
$33,579 - Columbia Falls $32,823 - Richland
$33,546 - Culbertson $34,665 - Shepherd
$35,993 - De Borgia $31,165 - Simms
$34,014 - Flaxville $32,823 - Vandalia
$34,014 - Glendive $30,232 - White Sulphur Spings
$34,921 - Huntley $32,823 - Whitewater

Want to see how much does operator make by city and state? CHECK THIS OUT.

Governing Authorities:

Learn more about legislation, rules, wage and benefits standards from these governing offices:

OSHA Montana
2900 4th Avenue North, Suite 303
Billings, Montana 59101
(406) 247-7494

Montana Department of Labor and Industry
1805 Prospect Ave, Helena, MT 59601, United States
+1 406-444-7734

Cities of MT

Billings, Missoula, Great,Falls, Bozeman, Butte-Silver,Bow, Helena, Kalispell, Havre, Anaconda-Deer,Lodge County, Miles, Belgrade, Livingston, Laurel, Whitefish, Lewis, Sidney,Glendive, Columbia,Falls, Polson, Hamilton, Dillon, Hardin, Shelby, Glasgow, Deer,Lodge, Cut,Bank, Libby, Wolf,Point, Conrad, Colstrip, Red,Lodge, Malta, East,Helena, Columbus, send, Ronan, Three,Forks, Stevensville, Roundup, Forsyth, Baker, Plentywood, Choteau, Big,Timber, Manhattan, Fort,Benton, Thompson,Falls, West,Yellowstone, Chinook, Boulder, Plains, Whitehall, Eureka, Scobey, Browning, Harlowton, White,Sulphur,Springs, Troy, Pinesdale, Chester, St.,Ignatius, Fairview, Ennis, Philipsburg, Superior, Poplar, Harlem, Darby, Culbertson, Bridger, Fairfield, Cascade, Walkerville, Sheridan, Circle, Terry, Big,Sandy, Belt, Joliet, Wibaux, Hot,Springs, Valier, Broadus, Fromberg, Lodge,Grass, Alberton, Stanford, Sunburst, Twin,Bridges, Jordan, Ekalaka,


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