delivery If this is your first time renting a forklift you may be asking who will do the delivery and pick up. Well, that depends on the negotiation and agreement that you and the rental company came out with.

In most cases, it is the rental company does it for the client because they are experienced doing it. In fact, they would be glad to do it for you to avoid any damage during transport to the job site.

Is there any fee included? When transporting to a shorter distance or within the rental company’s operating radius, you, the client may not be billed for the delivery and pick-up.

However, if you happen to have a deal with a company far away from you, they will do it for an extra fee. The amount will primarily depend on the weight of the forklift and distance it needs to be transported.

The cost of transport to or from your job site is on a per-mile basis. You need to clarify this matter with the rental company so that you won’t be shocked if you receive your bill.

Can you do it yourself? Yes, you can talk to the rental company and make a request for that. However, we don’t recommend this mean especially if you are not experienced in handling this bulky piece of equipment. Please do keep in mind any damage during transport, shall be charged into your bill. So let the pros do it.

It Can Be Free If You Rent For Long Period

There are some dealers or rental companies that offer free delivery and pick up when the rental period is longer than a month even you’re out of their serviceable area. So if you think you need the equipment for more than a month, negotiate with the company if they could give the delivery and pick up at no cost. If not, ask a good discount for the transport.

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to let the pros do the delivery and pick up of the equipment to your job site. If I were you, let the company deliver it to you as they have the expertise and experience.
What to Do If You’re Done with the Forklift

When you’re done with the forklift you rented, the first thing that may come up in your mind is to pick up the phone and call the rental company. Not yet… You have to make sure that it is in good condition.

You shall return it in the same condition when it arrived at your job site. Such provision is one of the terms you agreed of when you sign the rental agreement.

Otherwise, you shall be responsible for any cost of repair and other liability that may have incurred while the equipment is in your care. The guys from the rental company will do the inspection.

Renting Forklift at a Glance – Step by Step

Unloading and loading the forklift to or from the job site is the least of the things you need to think of. To give you a better view of what you to do, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Accurately determine the weight of the forklift you want to lease. To determine the number, consult with the workers to gather the information you need such as the load dimension and weight of the materials they carry. I put this on number one because the weight capacity is the most important detail that will be asked from you by the rental company. At the end of the day, you want equipment that best suits the job at hand to maximize productivity.

  2. Accurately determine the lift height. As important as the weight capacity, you need to ascertain the lift height as well. The forklift must able to reach a certain height of the topmost racking shelf.

  3. Know in what working environment the forklift will be used. Will you be using the equipment indoor or outdoor or both is the question to ask yourself. The electric forklift is primarily used for indoor while the diesel type is commonly for outdoor applications and the LPG type can be ideal for both and indoor jobs.

  4. Evaluate how long you want to rent the equipment. You have the option to rent the forklift for a day, week, or month. The general rule is the longer the rental period, the lesser the rental fee will be. Plan ahead so that you can come up with the accurate time period you want to rent the forklift.

  5. Find the nearest dealer or rental company in your location. Once you have the information needed, call several dealers or companies in your area to get the best quotation. Find a reputable company as well, and don’t forget to rent equipment from a company that is well-maintained and in good working condition. Finding a company closest to your location can save you some money on transportation since it is the company that will deliver it to your job site free of charge.

Key Takeaway

If you have no way of transporting the rental forklift to and from your job site, don’t get disappointed, you can make an arrangement with the company about that matter. You can even get it free of charge.

The delivery and pick up the equipment should be done the technician to avoid it from being damaged. The guys from the rental company can do it in a safe and easy way without putting the hassle on your shoulder.