Forklift Brings Down Stacks of Cargos

Here’s a CCTV footage taken at the vodka warehouse. There are two forklift drivers operating in the same space. The accident started when one driver take a reverse to maneuver. It was seen that a fume of black smoke was exhausting from his truck. It could be that he presses the pedal too hard accelerating the machine. When he engages the truck to reverse further, the truck suddenly accelerates hard, striking the foundation frame.

The cargos overhead topple causing domino effect. The nearby frame racks also fall over. The two forklift drivers were buried in pile of heavy cargos.

Men rushed in to help. They dig them up. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured.


Lessons You Can Learn From this Accident

  • When reversing, look behind before commencing, look for objects or people that could be hit when reversing.
  • This forklift driver obviously did not take notice of the frame foundation, he just pressed the pedal hard and he bumped the foundation.
  • Corrective action must be taken. A thorough investigation should be made. The driver should be scrutinized not to shame him but to gather information about what could have been the cause of the accident. (that is if he wasn’t fired.)
  • A retraining should be given to this forklift driver. A methodical refresher course must be imposed on this driver. A course must also arranged for all the drivers working in the same warehouse so that severe accident can be prevented in the future.


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