What Can You Learn From This Forklift Accident

Here’s a close circuit TV footage of an accident involving forklift. In this video you can see that the man, he was 70, was walking to the same route at the access ramp where the forklift was also going. The forklift driver did not notice the man because his line of vision was obstructed by the bulky loads. The man was struck by the truck with considerable speed. He was dragged for several meters before the forklift driver noticed him. Bystanders quickly went into the scene to help. One bystander quickly inform the driver to pull back.

The man was seen motionless and unconscious, some bystanders were seen rushing to call the ambulance. The man was reported to have suffered broken bones and scrapes. The man could have been injured more seriously if the forklift driver dropped the heavy load on him. It could kill him.

The man was also seen to have not noticed the approaching truck from his hind. It is not clear whether the driver is careless or it's simply pure accident.

Lessons To Learn

  • Avoid moving bulky loads that could block line of vision. In a busy and tight spaces, pedestrian traffic should be monitored every now and then. Forklift driver should have a clear line of vision in every angle of the surroundings.
  • Pedestrian should also be aware of the forklift operation around the area. Avoid the forklift work premise when necessary.
  • If moving cargos to distance place, it is recommendable to appoint someone as standby man to assist the traffic.
  • At this accident, the forklift is seen traveling with substantial speed. With heavy loads and traffic at the area, vehicle speed should not exceed the allowable limit. The forklift driver can drive at lower speed when there are more traffic and people around.
  • Employ corrective measure immediately. A refresher course must be conducted for this forklift driver to correct the mistake he has done in order to prevent occurrence of the same accident again.
  • The video can also be used as learning material for forklift operators who are working in the same type of environment. The more they can relate, the more they can learn.

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