“I went through five various trades in the span of seven years because I really never knew what I wanted. My vocational course is auto mechanic, but I have worked as PIT operator, forklift technician, warehouse assistant. It was after those long seven years that I came to understand that I was headed nowhere. I made a decision to create career objectives so that I would really recognize what I really wanted. I decided then to practice my first goal of becoming an OSHA certified forklift trainer. – and that’s where I am right now and happy about the career I’ve chosen.”

Do you know someone or have you heard a colleague who doesn't know what to do with his of her career direction? He or she switches from one position to another (from employer to another) and these are work titles that often have no or no slight relationship to each other.

Or have you met someone who has been working doing a certain job for many years and yet despite of hte financial reward, he still isn’t satisfied with his job at all? “Have you heard him saying that he's must do the job because he has no choice” I know you might heard it from someone you met in the past.

You can find other people, like former colleagues who applied and accepted for the job only to find out later that it is not for them after getting employed? The are circumstances that you exerted effort and spent time to apply for the job and succeeded getting it only to realize later that you are not happy about it and it thought of it is not the position you wanted. 

You may be saying that it wont be ending like that, but you do not know what could lie ahed in the future, the same circumstance could happen to you when get the position you wanted. And even if you are experienced or seasoned forklift operator, you could experience the same predicament in your career. You might get be attracted by some other jobs available in the market which you initially think could give financial reward and career advancement for your advantage. This situation makes you confused, you might ask yourself, should you jump to another job or remain with the current one.

How would you really know if the jobs you have right now is the career that you want to continue not for one, three or twenty years but for a duration of lifetime? In this era when you do not know when you are going to be separated from your employer because of uncertain economic reason, it’s definitely a test for you to know if the present job you have at this time could be your lifetime profession.

But retain this in mind and always remember this where ever you go: your job is the key to everything you want in your life. They influence the core aspect of our lives in many different ways, determining where and how we live and its standard. The means we react or answer to our family and friends mirror the manner we have towards our jobs.

But significantly, we can get sense of satisfaction and contentment from our present profession. During the first years in your job, we can sense that we are triumphant in our career and hitting the direction where we need to go. We can plan a career path to fulfill the lifetime goals and attain the happiness we wanted for ourselves andyou’re your loved ones.
In the previous post I wrote, I discussed about the job you really want in your lifetime. I put there the means of how to achieve it slowly but surely. I also included ways on how to excel with the job and get advanced with your career. I talked about there the templates to start to love and stay at the job for a lifetime.

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