plastic pallet for saleIn this article, we would like you to help you find the right plastic pallets for sale on the market that suits your need and application. You wouldn’t want to buy the ones that don’t match to your intended purpose.

Plastic pallets come in different varieties depending on the application whether in shipping for export or storing product in-house, plastic pallets are inevitable to make the work easy and organized.

Imagine without them, any try to transport products using a forklift or pallet jack would be disastrous. Accidents could happen that incur material damage and losses.

It plays a vital role to keep the business going. Without these pallets, loading and unloading of goods would be a big hassle. But now, many distributions and warehousing companies are now moving from using wood pallets to plastic pallets because of many good reasons.

Let me first discuss the benefits of using plastic pallets, as I compiled all of them below.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets Compared to Wooden Pallet

Pallets whether plastic or wooden serve the same purpose, but to be practical in many ways, I would choose the pallets made from plastic because of the key advantage as stated below:

  • Plastic ones are lightweight – we all know that in shipping, weight is a major concern and since plastic pallets are 30% to 40% lighter than a wooden pallet, you will avoid paying unnecessary weight on the shipment. You won’t have to pay much in shipping and handling of items especially when the freight company charges per unit in pound or kilogram. Whether you’re an exporter or an importer, you’ll reap great benefits from plastics pallets.

  • They take much less space – this is one of the important considerations of plastic pallet. We all know that weight and space cost a lot in return trips of the pallets. With plastic pallet especially those nestable type, they can be stacked the on top of each other saving a third of available space.

  • Plastic pallets are more tough and durable perfect for heavy-duty work – they can withstand a tremendous amount of weight since they are made of using high-pressure molding process. Plastic pallets can last more than 10 years of excessive use and if damaged, they can be recycled.

  • They can be designed so that the colors are aligned to the company’s brand – they can be used as decorative racks for products to be displayed in a retail store. You could even customize the pallet so that it bears the company’s logo to build brand awareness. Promoting your brand even in simple mean like this can build trust for your company to thrive.

  • They are safer to use - because unlike wooden pallets they don’t have splinters or protruding nails that could injure the workers during handling and transporting.

  • Plastic pallets are hygienic and water resistant – perfect for food processing and handling businesses. They reduce the danger of food contamination since they don’t absorb water. They don’t retain moisture from being wet which make them the perfect choice for indoor and even in outdoor uses.

  • They can be easily be picked up and handled by a forklift – with 4-way fork entry, the operator can conveniently slide through the forks at an angle he wants making the work to lift and transport the products much easy. And even with 4-way entry, the pallet can still withstand the extreme weight of the product and remain strong and durable, unlike the wooden pallets.

  • They maintain consistent specifications – they maintain their weight and dimension throughout their entire life no matter how many times you use them unlike with wood where the materials can be saturated with water or by extensive use, eventually, the wood pallets will break off thus affecting the handling of load and capacity.

  • They comply with ISPM 15 Export Regulation – since the plastic ones cannot be infested with insects, they can easily pass this regulation. It keeps the bug from coming into the country and potentially destroying crops. That’s why the authorities are very stringent about this topic.

Clearly, the plastic pallets outperform the wooden counterpart and surpass it in terms of the key benefits. If you are thinking of purchasing pallets, you know now what to choose.

Different Types of Plastic Pallets Depending on the Applications

Plastic pallets can be used in a wide variety of applications. But, the type of pallet you should have must be specific to the application you intend to use it to. Don’t waste money by purchasing the wrong pallet, I don’t want you to buy the wrong type. Here are the different types of plastic pallets available on the market today:

Stackable Industrial Plastic Pallets

Stackable industrial plastic pallets, as its name implies, can be stacked on top of other pallets thanks to the unique bottom design that ensures stable stacking even the pallets are laden. It can also withstand heavier weight because of its rigid construction. Its use and popularity in the warehousing and shipping industries make it one of the sought-after types of plastic pallet.

Rackable Plastic Pallets

Rackable plastic pallets, again, as its name says, are used to store products in the rack safely without slipping of falling. It can bear heavier weight compared to stackable pallets but the user must make sure that the weight of the load should not exceed capacity on the pallet.

Nestable Industrial Pallets

The nestable pallets are perfect for use in forklifts or dollies. There are nine legs that support the weight the load and allow reinforcement for a much heavier load. This feature also allows four-way entry for transport. The legs go into each other to nest safely when not in use, with this feature also, the user can save a lot of space thus can lower the cost during return trip of the pallets. The nestable pallets are so strong and heavy-duty it still can stand an enormous amount of load.

Drum Plastic Pallets

This pallet, as its name suggests, is used for storing and shipping of large drums. It usually has recess rings that determine the number of drums the pallet can hold. If the shipment is overseas, this type of pallet is best suited for the transporting drums.

Display Plastic Pallet

This type of plastic pallet is best suited for retail application. These pallets can be used in groceries to display items. What’s good about this is that you can transport it with laden load using a forklift. It can be customized in design so that it reflects the company’s logo and theme enhancing product visibility for promotion.

Spill Control Industrial Plastic Pallets

This pallet is used to contain the leak or spillage of the liquid being transport in containers making its use best suited for hazardous substance transport and storage to avoid spreading of the substance on the floor.

Industrial Hygienic Plastic Pallets

The hygienic plastic pallets are primarily used in the environment in which hygiene is given importance such as in beverage, food industry, and pharmaceuticals. This pallet features a smooth surface and rounded corners to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

How to Buy a Plastic Pallets to Suit Your Need

When buying plastic pallets consider these important factors:

  • Know the pallet weight capacity – There are three (3) weight capacities to know of, first the static weight, it is the maximum capacity the pallet can withstand when placed on flat solid ground, the second one is the dynamic capacity which is the maximum weight capacity the pallet can hold when moved using a forklift and lastly the racking capacity which is the maximum load capacity the pallet can bear when put into rack. When buying plastic pallets, it is very important to know these weight capacities. The chosen plastic pallet you’re planning to buy should be able to support the weight of the materials that will be shipped or stored. Do make an inquiry with the manufacturer.

  • Know the dimensions of the pallets suitable for your product – If your orders are in bulk or in large enough, you can make an arrangement with the manufacturer about your required dimensions, they can produce a mold for production. So, it is better to know the materials and the measurements before buying plastic pallets for your application.

  • Know the material handling equipment (e.g: racking system) – There are many designs of plastic pallets, there are those 2-way and 4-way entry designs. If the application involves putting the pallets on the elevated racking platform, it would be better to choose the 3-way or 6-way with steel support tube. If you are business is in food handling or processing, the closed deck hygienic design is popular in this type of application.

Consider these factors because making the right choice can do great wonder on your business’s packaging and logistics needs.

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To Make a Final Word

Plastic pallets are an integral part of material handling and logistics businesses. Without them, it would be impossible to move and transport products and goods from location to location.

If you plan to purchase plastic pallets for your business, consider those details I have mentioned above so that you won’t commit a mistake in buying.

There are many plastic pallets for sale right now on the market, produced with different materials and by different manufacturers. The best thing for you is to coordinate with the manufacturer so that you can talk about the technical aspects and needs of your requirement. They would be happy to assist you.

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