Forklift Drivers WantedFinding a forklift job may be one of the daunting tasks you can do. You go out there and look for if there are forklift drivers wanted.

You ask your colleagues, browse the job listing or even search the internet. Everything you’ve tried but still you’re not in luck.

It is not easy and it is frustrating getting a job considering the competition amongst applicants vying for the same forklift driver position. I know the feeling I’ve been there many times in the past.

Sometimes, the market is hard to crack no matter how much experience you have or qualifications under your belt. You may already be thinking it is hard to find a forklift operator vacancy and you start to feel discouraged. But if you are patient enough, you can hit it.

Here are the important things you should know that will help you on your journey in finding a forklift job quickly.



Get certified to drive forklift or at least refresh your knowledge by taking a retraining course

Well, we all know before you are allowed to operate forklifts, you need to have certification or training specific to the type of truck you are intending to drive. OSHA has a very stringent requirement about it. Employers don’t want to hire operators who are not trained and certified, they are risking themselves into hefty fines if accidents happen in the workplace. So make sure you have formal training, you can obtain this by enrolling in a technical school community college offering such training.

If you are an experienced forklift operator, and you want to get an edge over other job candidates, you can refresh your knowledge and skill by taking a retraining course. You can take a course specific to a forklift you are not familiar with so that you can present the certificate showing that you are skilled in driving other types of machines.

Include your new certificate in the application papers so that hiring manager can see it. It proves that you have current knowledge and up-to-date skill. It could boost your chance of getting hired.

Start revising your resume and craft a good cover letter to get noticed before submitting your application

To impress the hiring manager, you should start by making a cover letter specific for the forklift driver position you are applying for. Not only that you should also revise your resume to match with the forklift operator vacancy you are vying for.

Before revising, you should know what the job entails and the credentials employers are looking for from a candidate. Know what they require. Browse the job description and identify the details, think what you can put on your resume as qualifications to match with those requirements.

You don’t have to create your resume from scratch. You can use a template or with an existing format you have. What is important is to suit your credentials to what the employer requires.

Your resume and cover letter are what the recruiter notices during initial job application. If you hone it right and include important information, you can impress the hiring manager into employing you. Take time and effort in creating these two.



If you’re job hunting, know where forklift driver vacancies are posted to land a job

Network with your friends and colleagues who are doing the same job, their company might need qualified individual like you. Your friends could also refer you to someone who is looking for operators.

You can use Craigslist website to search for a job. What’s good about this is that you can locate a vacancy in your preferred location. Just search the position and choose the location, voila, you can see the hiring companies. You can also use other classified ads website of your choice such as,, etc.

If you don’t have experience yet, you can go to a recruitment agency, let them place you for the job. Though, they may require additional fee in placing you, but you can be assured of landing a job even it is an entry-level one.

Forklift Drivers Wanted: What Job You Want Part-Time or Full-Time?

When I was in 20s, I got a part-time forklift job at a warehouse just few blocks away from our house, as a material handles – stocking shelves and maintaining merchandise inventory. Just spending few hours of work everyday in the job, I then switch job to my second job as an office clerk in a local depot.

The pay is good doing those two jobs, I am able to pay my bills and pay for my car’s mortgage.

Then one day my manager at the warehouse asked me if I could do full time work with them. I was hesitant at first, then, the following day after making the decision, I talked to my manager telling him I accept the offer.

I have no choice but to leave my job in the depot – since I am making lesser money from this.

Few months after doing full time work at the warehouse, things started to change. The business has come to a slow. The company has to retrench some workers while others have given fewer working hours due to business slow down.

I was given just few work hours; the wage I am making has drastically shrunk. There’s nothing I could do. Until, the salary I was making was able to defray my expenses and to pay my monthly bills.

I regret doing full time well in fact I can do those two jobs. I then decided to leave the warehouse and tendered my resignation. I am very disappointed with the decision I made

The lesson here, don’t hesitate doing part time job when you can do two. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try to make money from different jobs as much as possible.

There are many pros and cons of having full time or part time job. You just have to balance what suits you.

Where to Look for Forklift Job Vacancy

Forklift drivers spend most of their time driving and moving materials in and around the warehouse, construction site, dock, yard or in other workplace they’ll be assigned in.

These are the industries in continuous demand for talents like you. Though, they may advertise their manpower requirements in the newspaper, classified ads websites, or local bulletins. If you have friends or know someone working as a forklift driver, you can also him about the job vacancies in their company.

If you are new to this job and you may be asking the salary you can receive as an operator, generally, a forklift driver can make as much as $15.00 per hour on average, it could go as high as $20.00 depending the experience and skills you have.

This is a kind of job that only requires few hours of training to get certified operating forklifts. The nature of the work requires you to have good stamina and strength as it is physically demanding. The job requires you to lift objects and render long of hours of work.

The job is considered as “hazardous” especially when you are working in the construction site where risk of accident is high. This means you need to be certified before you can operate a forklift truck, OSHA or even regulation in other countries has a strict requirements about.



To Conclude This

If time is tough and you are looking for a forklift drivers wanted job vacancy, you can ask someone, your relative or friend or even former colleague if they some such requirement in their company. They can easily refer you to.
Forklift drivers are mostly sought after by contractors and by logistics companies. These businesses are where you can find a job and establish you career.

They’re always in search for qualified people like you to operate powered industrial truck such as forklift.

Spend some time and exert effort in getting certified before you venture out there looking for a forklift driver job.


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