Uplifting Your Career and Be Good at ItI bet you wouldn’t want to be stuck in your life or in your career.

We all like to excel in our lives.

Uplifting your skill is the way to advance your career. Being a forklift operator could be your stepping stone to a more mature profession.

It is important to go forward. Acquiring more training and certification can definitely boost your portfolio.

But what could be the next step you need to do? What vocation you would want to get into after you’ve thought of that you already achieved your goal and it’s time to shift to another profession?

You may already know the answer.

You could be a heavy equipment operator. This job is great. The responsibilities are more challenging and the pay is higher compared to being a forklift operator.

Updating Your Skill and Acquiring New Ones

It is essential for someone like you to be in a profession not only to make a living but to acquire more skills that you need to improve yourself. Remember, the job market is constantly changing. Employers want highly skilled individuals.

There’s a market niche for a skilled worker like you – in the heavy equipment operation. The training and certification you’ve attained from your past or current job could be good credentials to become a heavy equipment operator.

Though, the length of the heavy equipment training could take weeks to complete. With that being said, the cost is also staggering. Nope, I am not discouraging you from saying that. I am only giving you a sneak peek of what lies ahead so that you would not be shocked by the requirements it entails.

Why Is This Career Right For You?

If you are in still in the prime of your profession, there’s a good chance you could move to a new vocation.

But being a heavy equipment operator right for you? We’ll delve into several reasons why this career is the one you want.

First off, the annual salary of a heavy equipment operator is twice of that a forklift operator is getting. You can recuperate the money you put in getting the heavy equipment training in a short period of time. This training school is the one I recommend, you could finish it in no time.

The market demand is at the high peak. You may be wondering what is my future entering this field. Well, you will not be running out of contract. You could be employed in construction sites. The construction industry is always a booming industry.

Those two solid reasons are your encouragement why you would want to shift to this job.

How Do You Get Into It?

The way I started was like this. I started as a warehouse clerk, then my boss who’s also my uncle asked me if I drive the forklift. I was tasked to transport bulk bags in the warehouse. I kinda like the job because of the pay I received. I was getting $15 an hour. I used to drive the forklift 8 hours at the minimum in a day. Wow! The money I am getting just to operate the forklift is good.

After 1 year of being a forklift operator, I got tired of it.

Then, my uncle told me to get a training to drive a dozer. I was convinced after he told me that the money I could receive could three times as more.

Well, money is a great motivation for a laborer like me back then.

When we were driving, we passed along a community college that offers heavy equipment training during the summer.

I then asked my uncle if I could take a leave from work to join the training.

I then submitted my requirements for enrolment the community college. In just two weeks time, I started training.

There were 15 trainees in the classroom. I got to know many of them since I frequently talked to them during the training.

We started the training with classroom lectures. Our instructor was so good. He could deliver every pinch of the topic even with his eyes closed.

After a week of classroom training, we started taking the hands-on. I started operating the dozer. At first, I got so overwhelmed. But just after few hours, I got used to its controls and started to make some progress.

Then I shifted to other pieces of heavy equipment. Since, I am an easy learner, in a just short period, I learned operating all of them.

Then, graduation came. We, the trainees, received the certificate.

We also promised by the school for job placement. A week passed, I was waiting for their call. A week passed there was still no news about the job placement they told us.

In exactly 20 days after I graduated from the training, I got a call from the school. I was told to report at the nearby construction site for a possible job offer.

I came to meet the project supervisor. After just a few questions of the interview, he then told to start ASAP.

The following day, I started my career as a heavy equipment operator. Now, I am still good at it.

To Make a Conclusion

There is a bad and good side of shifting your career as a heavy equipment operator. Well, of course, the bad side is the investment. You need an amount to get into a new career.

But the money you will be spending is worth it to the skill that you will acquire. The skill is for the long-term. You are more likely to land a job in this ever-changing market.


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