Forklift training and getting forklift job for ex-felonOut of prison and now you are looking for a job. Ex-felon may have to face huge challenges finding a suitable job due to the reason of criminal history. Being released out of prison after serving many years and finding work could be very difficulty for ex-offender. That’s a reality. The best and easiest way to get back on track is to become a forklift operator. The forklift training can be done in just as little as one day. Regardless of your background history, you still need to undergo a forklift certification course to meet the criteria for the job just like many others.

We are fully aware of the hardship you've undergone and experiencing right now. Thus, we prepared this article for you. We hope could help just by writing this. 

Taking the Forklift Training Course

Forklifts are common equipments in many workplaces. They are very good in lifting and transporting heavy goods and materials. But if the operator doesn’t have the proper training and certification, driving it could be deadly. Hence, it is imperative for you to take a certification course. Here are steps you need to do in order to get certified in the soonest possible time.

  1. OSHA has stated in its regulation that training must be specific to the type of truck you want to be certified on. Hence, you must select the type of truck you want to operate for the job. The most common is counterbalance truck, this type of truck is the most utilized piece of equipment in many workplaces.

  2. Enroll for a training course. We listed below the forklift training companies that specialize for ex-felons. They even have counselors to guide you to go through the process and can give you helpful advice. If your location is no where near the address of these training companies, find a training school near you, click the state where you are located in the menu below or in the left side of this webpage, there you will find list of training schools you can take training from.

  3. Attend the formal classroom lecture and driving demonstration. Once you are enrolled, you will undergo a classroom discussion, and after it, you the training instructor will administer an exam to test the knowledge you’ve acquired. After passing, you will then be supervised by the instructor to take the actual driving demonstration. At the end, the instructor will give a set of instruction you that you need to perform with the forklift. Make your instructor happy and pleased with your performance, then you will be assured of receiving your forklift operator permit (also called forklift license).

Because the forklift training can be completed in less than a day, this is the fastest route for you to get a job. Take the training today and tomorrow you can submit your application to hiring companies. Read below some of the advices you can take to find a forklift job for ex-offender.


Forklift Training Companies Specializing in Job-Readiness for Ex-Felons

Emerson Park Development Corporation – forklift training is included in their roster.
1798 Summit Avenue, East St. Louis, IL 62205, contact: 618-874-1671 (phone) / 618-874-8451 (fax), (website)

Center for Employment Opportunities – non-profit institution, forklift warehouse operation training available, and have offices are located in:
50 Broadway, Suite 1604, New York, NY 10004, Phone: 212-422-4430, Fax: 212-248-4432
448 South Hill Street, Suite 915, Los Angeles, CA 90013, Phone: 213-219-7873
3532 Franklin Street, Suite S, Denver, CO 80205, Phone: 719-941-9317, Fax: 719-399-2297
800 Bank Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214, Phone: 513-357-2000
228 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, Suite 600, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, Phone: 405-588-8200
245 North Broad Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19107, Phone: 215-309-7220, Fax: 215-253-5313

The Fort Worth HOPE Center’s School of HOPE
3625 East Loop 820 South, Fort Worth, Texas 76119, Phone: (817) 451-6288, Fax: (817) 451-1945

Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center – also give job placement assistance
111 S. Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070, for more info: call 856-514-2200 x116, Phone: 856-514-2200

Economic Opportunities (EcOp Memphis)
2163 Airways Blvd., Memphis, TN 38114, Phone: (901) 529-7294, Fax: (901) 529-7165

AFC - AZ Forklift Certification – also provide job assistance
85210 Mesa, Arizona, Contact: phone (480) 553-1105, +1 480-519-5964, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to Find Forklift Jobs for Felons

For ex-felon who wants to get a new way of life, getting a job is the first step to accomplish to be reintegrated to society. Though it may be hard to get employment and disappoinment may set in, the best approach in overcoming frustration is to have a positive attitude. You may not succeed in the first, second or third try, that’s why maintaining an optimistic view is important because it will ease the pain of employment rejection.

Here are some advices that can guide you in job hunting:

  • Get trained first operating forklifts. There are many training schools across the country where you can enroll. Above is the steps you need to take in undergoing forklift training and getting an operator permit. The cost of the training is minimal and you can get certified in no time.

  • To find a forklift job, you can go to the job placement companies that specialize in your case. These companies have network of employers that accept ex-felons as entry-level workers.

  • One of the best approaches of finding a job is to ask your colleagues. Talk to the people you already know, it could be your former buddy inside the prison who is now employed or it could your high school friend or family. This method is how most individuals get their employments.

  • You can go the local employment centers. There, you can find forklift job that may suit to your qualification and near your location. Aside from that job assistance they provide, they also have advisers. These advisers can help applicants with criminal record. They can give sufficient information to you including the companies that hire people like you.

  • Another way to look for a forklift job is at the warehouses. Some forklift jobs in warehouses are seasonal, thus only few people apply for them. Hiring managers don’t look at your past, as long as you are ready and can start working immediately to fulfill the business process. Though it is a short-term employment, but it is a good way to gain experience and start a career.

  • List down the work assignments and trainings while you’re incarcerated. Put that in your resume. It will help you convince the hiring manager that you are qualified for the job. The manager may be more interested with your qualifications that your background.

Job Protection for Ex-Felons

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Federal Bureau of Prisons released thousands of inmates from prisons. This number contributes to the unemployment rate of the country. But once they got out, reintegration to the society is the problem that plagues them. The very first thing they want to do is to have employment and this is when they find the harsh reality that finding work is a big struggle, it is difficult for someone like them who have troubled past to get employed.

Employment discrimination for ex-felons can’t be denied, but now thanks to protection given to you by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The commission’s ruling simply say you can’t be eliminated from the job you are applying for since you have the qualifications that the employer is looking for. With the support of commission and aim to improve employability of ex-offender, you could expect fair and equal opportunity.

The Federal Bonding Program

Companies don’t usually hire ex-felons or those who have criminal background due to the reason that they could commit fraud or dishonesty during employment. Ex-felon worker don’t get covered by the bond of insurance firm, so when accident or property damage happens, company cannot get insurance money. This is one of the reasons why you don’t get accepted for the job you are longing for.

The government is fully aware of this flaw. Hence, they sponsor the Federal Bonding Program.

The Federal Bonding Program is a substitute to the insurance company bond. This is a program initiated by the government that helps ex-felons to get jobs. It is an insurance policy that protects companies against losses incurred by ex-offender during his employment.


Don’t get feel that you are discriminated and a victim of the society. There are many felons who get hired as forklift operators. You just have to exert a little effort in taking the forklift training and source out where you can apply for a job. Jobs don’t knock on your door. You have to go out there. Though you may witness that the ground is not level because of your criminal history, it could be your disadvantage. Now, how to increase the chance of getting hired as a forklift operator? Complete the training and show your positive attitude to hiring manger. Don’t get second thought, if they ask your background, tell them truth. They may appraise you for your honesty instead.


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