What are the roles and responsibilities of the employers and workers in the workplace?

To maintain well being and protection and promotion of health and safety in the workplace, the employer and the workers should work hand in hand to reach this goal. Each part involved has their own obligation to name a few:

Obligation of the Employer:

The employer, as the one who has full control, shall have these responsibilities:

  • The company together with the workers, labor group’s representative, management’s safety focal delegate shall make, create and develop safety program and develop it to adhere to the workplace’s condition and form. Its implementation shall also be executed. Its maintenance and alteration shall be done to cope up with the changing condition of the workplace to protect workers.
  • One of the roles of the employer is to ensure that the safety program is sufficiently given funds to ensure its rules are advocated to all workers involved in the workplace.
  • Since, standards and legislations vary from country to country, the company shall makes sure that the safety program is in compliance with the country’s department of labor’s guidelines and procedure.
  • The company shall supply necessary trainings to employees to uplift the skills and boost their motivation. The provision of training is not only for the advantage of the workers, but for the company as well. Giving the workers the trainings needed will increase their productivity and in the end boosting the company’s profit.
  • The company shall fund the provision of personal protective equipment to the employees working the hazardous places or those working with heavy machineries like cranes and forklifts.
  • The management, labor group personnel and those in the personnel department shall evaluate and assess the policies and rules in the safety program if it is still applicable to present working condition of the company’s workplace. These people involve will review the effectiveness and will carry out the review in the future years whenever there are needs.
  • The company shall carry out medical and physical examination of the workers in regular intervals. This is to ensure the prevention of contagious diseases and promote safety and health in the workplace.

Responsibilities of the Workers

Workers with the support of the employer shall comply with what the safety program stated. Here are some of the general responsibilities of the workers to ensure their collaboration.

  • Labor group leaders shall communicate to all workers the adherence to the safety workers and ensure that they understand what have stated in it.
  • The workers shall practice the procedures stipulated in the safety program to avoid untoward incidence for their protection.
  • The workers shall participate and ensure good attendance to the company’s provision of training. The training is for the advancement of their skills and uplifts their morale.
  • The workers are tasked to follow not only the company rules and regulations, but also the provisions of the safety program and policy.
  • The workers shall maintain their adherence to the safety policy whenever they are inside the premise of the company.

Continuous and uniform implementation of the safety program shall be put in the shoulders of the employer and workers. It cannot be implemented without the help of the other party. Every party is tasked to serve the purpose of the safety program. The responsibility of the employer and workers shall regularly monitor and evaluate the safety policy to suit to present situation.

These are some of the generic responsibilities of the worker and employers. It these do not fit somehow with your need, feel free to modify it and include more if necessary.


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