The company or employer shall conduct forklift training in continuous terms to their workers to increase supply of skills and knowledge to ensure that they can carry out their tasks safely. In as much as possible, the training should be conducted in the actual workplace.

The forklift training regulation of a specific country shall prescribe the required training programs. It shall contain the provisions that employers and employees must be followed.

The government-prescribed forklift training course shall be enforced and followed by the forklift training consultant or training organization. If in case the employer has higher standard than the government, the employer can implement theirs.

One important aspect of the safety programs is the provision of training facility that will serve as holding place of training and provision of necessary forklift trucks that can be used.

Appointment of Training Personnel

The person in charge of training delivery must be knowledgeable and has long line of experience. He must also be competent and duly certified by a training school.

The appointment of safety trainer may be required to deliver the training in place of employment whenever necessary.

Supervisors and other technical personnel can be appointed as safety consultant after taking necessary course. The number of safety consultant will be dependent on the number of workers in the workplace and type of environment whether hazardous or non-hazardous.

The job responsibilities of safety officer shall include these:

  • To formulate methods of training and other related safety programs that could be more effective and implement those to the workers.
  • To give advice to the management of the internal standards required and government regulation that must followed in order to maintain compliance with the government.
  • To establish safety committee that will compose of worker representative, technical personnel, and management representative. The committee’s purpose is to ensure that communication is delivered vertically to the upper officials and horizontally to same-level departments.
  • To answer queries of government inspector during visit and during regular committee meetings.

Qualification of Forklift Safety Trainer

A forklift safety trainer can be deemed qualified if he has years of experience under his belt. The length of experience will depend on the qualification set forth by the hiring company. But one who has been a safety trainer for at least five years and has taken the required training can be qualified as consultant.

A safety trainer if has more than eight years of training experience in many areas of health and safety may not be required to have necessary training as forklift trainer.

A safety trainer can be accredited if there’s an existing provision under the government regulation prescribing that trainer should be applied for accreditation.

Auditing and Inspection

Auditing system is also important to maintain and keep employers and employees into standard. There could be a regular auditing or inspection at the work premise by the government. This is to determine compliance to regulation and to see if safety procedure is implemented by the company and followed by the employees. If regulation is not complied with as found out during inspection, company and workers can be cited with corresponding citation.


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