Forklifts when operated by trained personnel will boost your business production. This type of heavy equipment is utilized to help workers to load, unload and transport heavy goods from place to place. These machines could weight more than a ton and very sensitive. If driven by an unauthorized un trained individual could cause havoc to the workplace. Here are the top 10 most severe forklift accidents caught on tape.

In the first video – workers used improvised sling not intended for heavy lifting. When the load was uplifted from the floor, the sling snaps, the pricey load fell, rendering it useless. Before doing such risky operation, supervisor should prepare a risk assessment.

In video #2 – remember, pedestrian should avoid moving forklifts at all times. But it never happened in video #2, the pedestrian is unaware that a forklift is at his hind, and operator did not also notice the pedestrian because of blocked view, he hit the worker. I hope he’s fine.

In video #3 – the reach truck is being operated, it is picking up from height, when suddenly it collapses. Though, the reach truck was not clearly seen, it fell nearly hitting the other operator who’s also working in the same location.

Video #4 - Poor visibility could hinder the operation in the warehouse. The video may be in black and white, but it clearly shows both operators did not notice each other leading to crash. Always provide proper lighting in the places where there is not enough.

Video #5 – an operator is clearly operating a forklift with elevated load. He did not lowered it down before putting the forklift in motion. The load settled for a while not until the forklift turned in an angle, the load caused the forklift to lose its balance, leading to this catastrophic accident. I hope the operator just shake off what happened to him.

Video #6 – forklift driver just happened to crash into racking. In this video he was carrying load, but not enough to obstruct his view. I cannot say if he’s traveling at considerable speed, his origin was not caught. But I think he’s not paying attention to the direction where he’s going. With split second loss of concentration could cause you dearly just like what happened in this accident.

Video #7 - It’s pure stupidity. The forklift operator clearly did not pay attention while he was reversing. He struck two workers behind. The number one rule of thumb, when reversing is to look at the back, and never move until you see the path is clear. This stupid operator reversed at high speed, which is a big No No doing this kind of maneuvering. The driver should be reprimand!

Video #8 – The driver has just finished loading the forklift inside a truck. He started to move the truck, but he did not activate the parking brake of the forklift after loading, the forklift moved out of the truck and crushed to the ground. Thankfully, nobody got hurt in this accident.

Video #9 – This untrained operator is doing what’s they called stupid reversing. The forklift is just like a car, it need careful handling when backing up. This unwise operator did not see his shoulder view, making assumption that hind is clear, until he struck a pool of water. He should be retrained!

Video #10 – in this last clip, you can see three men were pushing the forklift forward, and then a fourth man came to help them out. To no avail, they abandoned the operation. Until a trained came into frame, only then we were able to notice that the forklift was stuck in train rail. A report showed that the forklift run out of fuel! A very basic mistake, but with very terrible consequence.



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