reprimanding workers who has habitual lateness for work and who departs early

Getting late for work maybe normal especially when company is employing hundred of workers, there could be some employees coming for work late. This is not a problem as long it is not becoming habitual or regular.

If you found forklift operators who have crossed the line, how do you go to tackle them about getting routinely late? Of course, you just cannot throw mere accusations. You must prepare your proof and present to them. The best way to monitor your forklift operators’ lateness is implementing a good timekeeping system to monitor the arrival and leaving times. When you have evidence of their time, you can browse through their week or even month’s habitual lateness and under times at work.

You can discipline them by giving them verbal reprimand. You do this by inviting the forklift operators in a private room. Begin the meeting by giving a good greeting and open the discussion by asking each worker if he has any idea why he is summoned for the meeting, then explain to them the agenda why they are invited to attend. Once they know the reason of the meeting, give each forklift operator the chance to explain.

Bring the documentary evidence during the meeting. You can print out each forklift operator’s list of dates and times when each worker arrived late or was leaving for work early.

If you still have a manual timekeeping system where you assigned someone to monitor the time, there might be discrepancy. Ask the timekeeper to be accurate and exact so that worker will refute the accusation. This is not a problem if you a computerized timekeeping system.

If forklift operators refute the allegation thrown at them, tell them the timekeeping system will not lie or the timekeeper is always present before they arrive and will leave after they leave. To calm them, simply remind to them that they agreed by accepting the position as forklift operator to work at a designated amount of time. Mention their late arrival for work or early departure is unfair for other workers.

Reach for a conformity with them. Let them know that you will still be monitoring their arrival and departure. If they will exhibit the same performance, tell them that you may be forced to issue a more stringent reprimand. Arrange to meet with the forklift operators again at the end of the each month until the issue is resolved or minimized. It is important to record the agenda in the minutes of meeting and track the progress or regress of each issue.

The verbal reprimand intervention is sufficient to send the message you want to convey, but if the workers’ still not comply, you can recommend to the Admin department a more severe penalty to discipline the forklift operators.

The thing you cannot by pass is to tolerate such behavior. Reprimand the late arriving and early departing forklift operators to restrain them and correct their behavior.


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