interviewing a forklift operator to find who's right for the jobIf you are a supervisor designated as interviewer, you may feel that you are cautious about your decision which forklift operator applicant to hire. You do not want to commit mistake that could be blamed on you later on. If you are assigned for the hiring of forklift operators, then do your assignment first. You can research which better to employ and assess the nature of the job. You can seek help from the admin department. The first thing to keep in mind when interviewing an applicant is to ask how many jobs has an applicant been to, the position he designated as, how matured he was handling the job, and the salary he has received from his past jobs. If the applicant has clearly explained his past employments, this applicant obviously has the skills and talents to get hired, and could benefit the company in the long term.

If you are still needing some help about hiring a forklift operator, don’t be hesitant to seek help from other colleagues, they are the one who could assist you. Most of the time, your colleagues may feel flattered when you asked them. They may even tell you what constitutes a good worker. I advise you to get some suggestions from other people of the department. How they can judge a good applicant, because themselves become one during their dawn of their career. You can also do some research on the internet for you to get familiar what’s involved in the hiring process and during the interview. The advice you can get from other authors of articles you can find on the internet can help you a lot to make a final decision of whom to select.

As hiring supervisor, the interview process is your chance to pick the workers who can be trained to become mature to their designated position and later on become a leader that could handle a more mature role in the organization. At this phase, you can look for people who could be matched into your existing silo or team of operators.

The interview is where you can get acquainted with your future staff that will work under your supervision. Therefore, you can choose who can fit in your team. There maybe some general requirements that company has set forth when hiring forklift operators, those rules should be met, in addition to that, you can also lay your own in the selection process. To tell you the truth, I know somebody who was a deaf but successfully hired as forklift operator , he even advanced to his career. Being deaf is not hindrance to becoming a good forklift operator. The OSHA did not state about hiring with such impairment, but your company could be sued when you discriminate them.

Tips of Interviewing a Forklift Operator

I already mentioned that you must do your assignment, and I mean you can prepare a questionnaire or a set of questions to ask to the applicant, and list down the answers of each candidate, so that you can review it later on. Here are some of the questions you can ask:

  1. How long have your been driving forklifts? Have you gained substantial skills during those months/years?
  2. Do you have a current forklift certification?
  3. Why did you leave your previous job or why are you leaving your current employer?
  4. Can you get a certificate or employment or employment clearance from your previous/current employment?
  5. Could you detail the challenging assignments you have handled during your professional career as forklift driver?
  6. Will you be able to work during weekday or holiday or anytime whenever the company ask you to?
  7. Can you work long hours when necessary?
  8. Can you work in shifting hours?
  9. How do you handle a situation when a coworker is bitching you during work?
  10. Can you handle a mature role in the company?
  11. Why make you decide to apply for the job with our company?
  12. What interest you about the job? Can you tell two or three reasons and briefly explain each?
  13. We are looking for someone who can handle the warehouse with very little supervision. Can you tell some circumstances when do you need to be supervised?
  14. Why should I hire you as our forklift operator?
  15. Do you have any further questions about the job or the company?

Have a Xerox copy of the questionnaire for each candidate, and write each applicant’s name on it. You can grade each candidate based on their answer. Take note the important answers of each candidate. You can put your comments on the questionnaire. Having a questionnaire like this will save you time selecting the right candidate for the job.

When there are several candidates to take the interview and you have asked all these questions to them, you may discover which question is the most useful in divulging the details of the applicant’s past work history. From there, you can select which one is the right for the job.

Some supervisors or hiring managers give a written test or practical test after the interview to better know the knowledge and forklift driving skills of the applicants. Being witty during the interview is not enough, an applicant must demonstrate their skills operator the truck. You can assess each applicant, rate them individually, and make the final judgment.

Here’s the explanation of what I am doing during interview. I first administer a written test of about 20 questions. I do not set a time limit, I make sure not to pressure the candidates, I just tell them to answer the questions I have prepared to the best of their knowledge. Most of the time, each applicant can finish answering in just 20 minutes. After that, I call the candidate to take 10-minute hands-on test/driving test, at this stage, I can assess their talent. I don’t want to hire someone who is lacking skills, I always make sure that they already know what they are doing to save time and money for the company. The final step, I rate them and write their grade on the questionnaire they answered during the written test.

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