When you were a lot younger you were undoubtedly asked this question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Now that you are grown up, the question is “Have you become what you want to be now that you have grown up?”.

Studies have shown that up to 85% of workers who are satisfied with their occupation say they were able to fulfill the answer they gave such a question when they were young. Many did not have the exact kind of job they dreamed of then they were younger, but the work it had at least something in common with their dreams.

One respondent said he wanted to be a company president when asked that question in high school (when he was just a working student and a scholar); he is now the CEO of a multinational firm.

Answer that question again as you plan your career. Is your childhood, adolescent or college dream in line with your current career goals?

When it comes to choosing the career that will give you the greatest satisfaction and happiness, you have to consider also your temperament as well as your talent. It’s basically your temperament (your disposition toward certain things that decides whether you’re the kind of person who has that driving, unrelenting ambition to have a successful career.

Talent is also important. Being good at a thing and liking it do go together, but you also need to ask yourself: Is my talent really needed right now? You might be good at shorthand or typing, but now that the typewriter has been replaced with the computer, it’s also time to think about developing new talents.

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