Remember, you and not your boss or anyone else are the key to your chance to get promoted. You are in charge of your career and your future and no one else will make key decisions for you. Applying the right attitudes toward yourself, you co-workers and your office will definitely make you go now here but up on the career ladder.

Ask yourself the following questions as you work on your goals to excel and eventually get promoted.

If you were to rate how much you like your company, what would be your score?

a. 100%
b. 75%
c. 50%
d. 25%

How often do you have differences with your boss?

a. always
b. often
c. sometimes
d. rarely

Have you set your work goals?

a. yes
b. right away
c. not yet
d. no plans

How often do you think about the future?

a. always
b. often
c. sometimes
d. rarely

Do you ask for what you really want?

a. Yes
b. If convenient
c. Unprepared to ask
d. It doesn’t matter

Do you go the extra mile in your work?

a. All the time
b. As often as possible
c. Once in a while
d. Never

How often do you solve work problems?

a. once in a while
b. once a month
c. once a week
d. everyday

Do you concentrate on results?

a. yes
b. Sometimes
c. Once in a while
d. Not at all

Do you invest in yourself continually?

a. definitely
b. trying to
c. sometimes
d. not at all

Who is the most people-oriented person in your workplace?

a. your boss
b. your fellow employee
c. yourself
d. nobody

Do you focus on the positive?

a. always
b. often
c. once in a while
d. I just work

How do you get the job done?

a. by doing it the right way
b. by doing it a little later
c. by setting it aside in favor of other tasks
d. by trying to give it to others

When do you think you will achieve success?

a. I’m already successful
b. In the very near future
c. In a few years
d. I haven’t thought about it lately

If your answers fall within a and b, then you’re sure to have a great time ahead in your work. If your answer fall within c and d, then it’s time to check if you need some refreshing of your work goals. Just be sure to get that promotion coming!


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