Everyone who is applying for a job must undergo an interview, it is where you are assessed, it is the time to sell yourself. Before you can get hired as forklift operator, your application will be scrutinized and will go through the strict process of evaluation. After the initial process of evaluation you will then called for an interview, it is the important stage of the application process. This is the time to prove your self and you’re your qualifications to the prospective employer. It is also the time the employer will decide to give you the position you are applying for. After you have submitted your application documents, you are waiting for the call to know that the employer want you to meet them for an interview.

During the interview process, you should prove the skills and qualifications you’ve indicated in your resume. The information you put in the resume is not enough for them to understand thus, they called you for an interview. This is your opportunity to prove your worth, show your skills, and what can you do for the benefit of the company. Sell yourself during the interview. Convince the employer that you are the one suitable for the position.

You need to remember don’t forget to prepare before the interview. With good preparation, you can send beautiful impression to the interviewer. By conveying a good impression, you can stand out among other applicants.

How are you rated during interview?

Though, it is important to note that employer want to hire applicant with solid educational background and strong work experience during the interview process. But to tell you the truth that education and experience are just part of the what they’re looking from the applicant. The other factors employer want to see from the applicant before giving them the position are general self presentation and good impression at first glance. Moreover, the employer also want to see from the applicant good answering of the questions they throw during the interview. They want a solid and fluid answer that would satisfy their them because they are longing for a better answer, whoever gives better answer, then might be the right one for the job. It is as simple as that.
So then, what is the most vital factor the employer want to see from the applicants? Yes, you heard it right. These are the ones I mentioned above. So keep those in mind.

When you arrive and called for to get into the interview room, build positive impression to the interviewer. Present yourself professionally and act professionally. Remember, your first impression to them is your persona they think in their mind.

Prepare for the Interview

When you receive the call from the company that they are inviting you for an interview at the specified date, prepare immediately for the big day. Below are the important points to help you prepare for the interview.
Get to know the company: Search for the information about the company, either online or through the advertisement where you read their job advertisement. You can study the mission and vision of the company, their line of business, and nature of work, their different branch locations, how many people are in the organization, who are the president, vice president, chairman, and its executives. You need to learn also the position you are applying for, you need to know the job description, responsibilities, and how can you contribute to fill the gap why they are hiring you for the position.

Contact the focal person or company representative who handles the application. Get to know who is he or she, you need to know the company representative, I know it is from the personnel department but you need to know specifically whom to contact.

Give positive and satisfactory reply for the questions during the interview. You need to prepare and think what are the questions that will be asked to you during the interview. You need to study the details you put in your resume, the employer may ask many things from the resume. You need to give an answer that matches with that details, otherwise, the employer may think that you are just boasting and what you indicated in your resume are not true, they are only there to brag or to make the resume long and substantial.

Submit complete documentation to support the details in your resume. Prepare beforehand everything, the forklift certification, the licenses you have attained, the certificates you have acquired, the permits and clearances of previous employment, even your birth certification to prove your identity or even the previous IDs you have had in your previous works.

Practice makes perfect. Rehearse for an interview. You can ask your friends or family members to ask you a question, you need to act professionally and answer correctly the question. This will make acquainted with feeling of being questioned. You can also practice your gesture, movement, and expression. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Prepare the Outfit

Be look professional, be good looking, be proud of yourself by wearing appropriate clothes. Getting dressed neatly and cleanly will give good impression to your employer, a lasting impression. Get a hair cut, shave your beard, cut your nails.

You must convince the interviewer that you are the right one for the job, and your looks can influence the employer’s decision of hiring you.


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