Every business organization or association has its own distinctive core custom or characteristic toward to each member in the organization. You can find many companies that teach their employees to be punctual and prompt, while you can also find some businesses to encourage their workers to spend an extra time in their job. Since each organization is unique, each of them has its own mean of implementing internal rules, and various superiors look forward that the newly-hired personnel to get familiar with such things in as soon as possible to contribute to the goal of the organization.
For this reason, employee must know how to adapt with company’s operation. But this doesn’t necessary imply that you should follow every boss’s instruction that makes you ending up his personal assistant, instead, enable yourself to connect and adjust to the custom of the organization so that you can work smoothly with other coworkers.
As newly hired worker, don’t expect that your new company is perfect in every angle. Just a piece of advice: you will find imperfection and flaws in the organization, don’t expect everything adhere to your norm or standard. Hence, you can fill the gap by correcting or not contributing to the negativity of the issue. If you found something that is not by-the-rule, never discuss it with your coworkers and boss, unless it is tackle in a formal venue like a department meeting with superiors. During the meeting, you can brainstorm with others to correct the issues, you can also encourage other members of the department to practice a good working attitude. 
Mentioned below are some of the workplace good habits to assist every worker like you in the workplace to adapt with the company’s present culture. These could also help you to get better at the organization to establish respect and authority, even you are a lowly member of the department.

Get to know the company’s mission and vision. Determine what are the company’s aim and purpose for itself and employees? Does the company solely for itself? Does the company define the goals for other people in the organization? What were their principle and aptitude, does the company provide advancement for all people of the organization? Does the company committed to corporate social responsibility? You can easily determine because you are smart enough what right and wrong. And finally, think do you want to be part of the organization?

Recognize the organization’s essential beliefs and values. Once you are hired, identify the minimal standard of the workplace so that you can adapt and exceed. Know what type of values and behaviors other workers portray. Are all of them professional? Then accordingly to adapt with the company norm. Don’t expect too much from yourself yet but once you get adjusted with fellow employees, you can identify how to act accordingly with them.

Learn the set of principles of the department or organization. In many companies, if not all, there is a work ethic being implemented that the company established for long term, and with this ethic, employees cohere to this honing their own attitude toward others. The company ethic does make influence to each every individual. Is your company or boss compassionate about tardy workers even if violates the company code of conduct? This is the good opportunity to show workplace attitude by being on time and not late.

Identify what are the things that get credit with. Does the boss give credit and value to the work done on time even it violated instruction or does he credit coherence with the instruction even output is poor? Observe others who have been promoted or rewarded, do they get valued because of good job or because or good attitude? Know what are the reinforcements and incentive scheme of the company.

Know the ethical norm. Companies value sincerely and loyalty. Some companies give credit to the behavior of the personnel during casual occasion where they exhibit their true self. Determine what ethical standards the company value more.

Identify the existing and present work attitude of other employees. Periodically, admin use to survey employees on how they feel with the company. Some are satisfied, some are not, other may feel angry, few is dissatisfied. Depending on the reward and promotion system of the company, answer may vary. If you notice that some employees have sold work relationship with superior, then you assured that the treatment is fair and no politics is existing. If there isn’t what you observe, then be a role model, encourage others, be professional in every way.

Know what the company or department you are assigned in needs the most. Is it on-time job accomplishment? Is following instruction or you go beyond to what you can do? Good politics with the boss? Then, you can influence others by performing a good workplace attitude, encourage others not to be part of the internal politics...and because of that you could be recognized by fellow workers and department superior for promotion.

What if later on you found out that the workplace is worse than what you think it to be? Supposing you learned that fellow members of the organization is dissatisfied and longing for changes? They’re not cooperative and unhappy. Can you still get adapted with the company norm? You cannot find a perfect haven, this is true in every organization or group you are joined in, especially in large organization. You can find some employee dissatisfied and discontented. Would be ending up to the same situation? The action you can do is correct it positively, do not get carried by the negative situation, you can start a little change, exhibit your good attitude and let other follow.

Once in a while , you may find not-so-good news about work from your boss. This is so true when something goes wrong along the line of your work. Bear in mind that you cannot satisfy everyone sometimes even your boss is not happy what things turned out to be. You can ask your boss what’s the reason behind it so that you can correct it right away preventing it from happening again in the future. You can find some employees who just simply ignore it, this is not the correct way of correcting it.

Are you always challenged by work volume or by your boss? To tell you the truth, never take this as negative force to weaken you. This is your chance of showing how you handle with great problem at work. Demonstrate to yourself, fellow workers and boss your value of solving problem. This will make mature as a person and as an employee. Your boss can notice it, they can observe how you can present solution to a problem, these could be key points to handle more mature job responsibilities. Do you know what does it mean, yes, you right, promotion.

Company is laying off workers to prevent loss and bankruptcy. In today’s job market, you may not know where you can lose your job. Employment security is unpredictable. If employees know about the status of the company, if you feel that the company is not doing good anymore, try to determine how you can contribute positively to try to assess yourself regularly to see how your job is contributing to the benefits and advantage of the company. If you can prove your value during rainy days, the company will feel you are vital part, excel more during tough days. Don’t take it negatively, you do not want to become a burden instead. React positive during negative situation.

Do you get miserable at your work? Discontentedness and dissatisfaction if unavoidable, it is the way of life in the corporate world. Many reasons contribute to this. Some are not so well paid, some are unchallenged, some workers are simply stuck in their mind, they don’t want to advance, you can many employees dissatisfied because coworkers take advantage of them. Whether you hold key position, or just a simply clerk of the organization, depression is part of your life. Depression can last for several days, but if you continuously experience it, think positively instead, never get distracted by negative force. Always be on the lookout for advantages from negative things.

Do you think you are stuck with your job? I was once feel stuck with my former job before. I feel so down, I feel depressed and dissatisfied. If you are experiencing the same feeling, if you feel you are not going anywhere, think of good things in your life, think also the benefits your job has given you, what have gotten from it. Thinking of positive things will drive away negative thoughts. Other things you can do to over this, is to find a way to advance in your career by joining a career advancement seminar, skills upgrade training, or get a new skill you can use in your job. You can also devote some of your time by accomplishing projects of co-workers, ask them what you can do to assist them.

Misunderstanding is inevitable with your boss or co-workers? There are time you surpass the skill and attitude of your boss, and in unfortunate event he takes credit for your work. If given a chance, in a meeting, voice out that the effort the department has done is team effort not only because of an individual. If your boss feels annoyed, speak to him that it is not good to receive credit by himself alone. It is your right to correct others even he’s more superior than you.
If fellow workers focus on your mistake, what will you do? Just like you, me and everyone else, we commit mistake, we are not perfect, seldom commit untoward and unintentional mistake. But what if others take notice of it and make it an issue? First, larn from your mistake and learn good things from it, take a lesson from it so that it will not happen again in the future. The mistake you’ve done is also your chance of showing your maturity and professionalism. If others made an issue out of it, tell your boss that you are correcting it, and don’t listen what others will say. In a professional way, your boss, being professional also, knows who to listen with. Remember this, you cannot be successful to every venture in life if you do not commit mistake along the way. Mistakes makes you stronger, bolder, and better. 

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