So now that you are hired and doing your present job, performing the obligations and responsibilities you are assigned to. You perform the assignment you boss tell you to do, you are building relationship with other workers and getting along with them and there are too, and sooner you can get promotion by proving your worth to the employer. But there are times you tell to yourself is this the job you want to make a career from? I was once in your situation when I found my first job as forklift driver employed in a distribution company in Los Angeles, some decades ago. Years have passed, but I still remember the days, the months and the years I spend with them, it was rewarding, it was fruitful, but sometimes I ask myself, is the kind of profession I need to do for the rest of my life. Definitely not! That is why, I spend time and effort to get train as forklift trainer. I succeeded, get a job that matches my qualifications, and now, I am happy with the outcome of the my action. I hope you too, when you are searching yourself.

I understand your situation right now, you are not happy nor satisfied with the job you are doing at the present. I never blame you when you think and ask yourself is it the time to switch for another job, it is time to get skill upgrade and be employed by a reputable firm or organization. Your reasons for thinking so could be varied and some factors affects your decision, like family and personal reward you can get for having a better job. There could also be a time you ask that you are not progressing with your current job, and it is time to make a drastic action, otherwise, you will not be going any further.

If you think you are no longer happy with the present profession you are doing now, then you can make an advancement to your career, get an upgrade of your skills. Your final decision of shifting to another job can get influenced by the lack of support of your company, they don’t value you if you are a simple worker, you can blame them of course, but one thing is for sure, if they can treat you like this right now, will you be able to spend years of your life doing things for them without them giving value to you. I would say, your answer is no, and you are correct. So, how to start getting out from their clutch and grasp? Start with yourself, give value to your skills and qualification even you are just a lowly worker. Give yourself an improvement, a professional development.

I bet, you might be thinking that changing may not be easy and simple, because there are consequences with that action. Your family and self could be affected. You can make an evaluation of your different options. Assess every option and check what has the less impact from there, you can initiate an action. Remember, this time of economical uncertainty, getting a job is becoming more difficult. And before you can make a final decision to leave your company, consider other factors as well that could affect the decision.

Let’s talk about if and when you should shift to a new job.



When to Move to a New Job?

There comes a time when some indications push you to the limit and even motivate you to get a new job. We’ve prepared these vital questions that could go along the way during decision making. Here are they:
Is my present profession giving me happiness and gratification I deserve for myself and for my loved ones.
You can find many workers who change profession regularly tell that they were not satisfied financially and professionally with the line of work they had. There could be motivation during the first several months with the company, but motivation slowly fades away as they perform their job in daily basis, and realize that there are more challenging jobs that could give them the reward they want, both in financial aspect and personal growth reason.

Are there fruitful results during my stay with the present job?

If you are just recently hired, and doing the job for just several months, then, you might not find good results yet. You need to spend years and prove your worth to the company. Now, after years and doing quality work, and you haven’t attained your career goal due to some unfortunate reasons, it would be wise to think to change your job or employment – seek growth by joining a better company.

Is the employer helped you improve your career?

You could find yourself in a circumstance that despite of the hard work and energy you put into your profession to climb up, you cannot find a encouragement from your company. What is the reason then doing an excellent job if the employer fails to give value to your hard work.

Is the employer gives you support?

I have mentioned this previously, employer may fail to recognize your effort and hard work, and you can find your self in lowly situation and start to ask yourself, am I worthy to my company or the company worthy to me. At this time, you experience low spirit and disappointment. The situation becomes severe when you or other colleagues did not give you the support you are asking and or the company has failed to answer the demand you badly needed. This kind of management is self-centered and don’t mind workers’ development and welfare.

Have you been rewarded for a job well done?

A good quality company will recognize the job well done by the worker. Some employers have a program in place to reward good workers. They do it in regular basis, every month or even every week. The intention is to motivate the employees to do better and more quality work. Other companies do performance assessment to measure the workers’ knowledge and competence and give reward accordingly. This kind of reinforcement is the thing to look for a company.

Is the company showing sign you are no longer needed?

There are some indicators that the employer no longer wants you. These reasons could be fair and unjust. You can hear fair reason like the company is experiencing hard times due to economic situation or you could hear reason the company is having difficulty financially and may need to release some workers to stay afloat. On the other hand, some unfair reasons you can hear are: they need to replace you with other more skilled worker, or you are not performing well, they need to release you.

When You Shouldn’t Move to a New Company or Job?

There are also factors that affect your decision of moving to a new job or company, especially when you are meeting your goals, having personal rowth and getting financial reward from your present job. You might feel the need to move to become better, but because of reason you need to consider, you could end up staying with the current company. Here are the reasons you should not leave your present work:

If you are just tired of something

When your line work is cyclic or when your assignments are repetitive, doing it in daily basis over and over again, then you tend to feel boredom at work. This is inevitable. Boredom can makes think unwise and decide to leave your company. Do not get influenced by this feeling. It is just temporary. You do not want feel sorry when you leave the company for the mere reason that you are simply bored. You get away with it by doing a different routine, walk away every now and then from the workplace, relax for bit, set a different breaktime for yourself, or anything to change your daily habit, can overcome your boredom.

Do not leave if you only have misunderstanding with a colleague or wit h your boss

A company organization has a lot of members, coworkers or superiors are part of them. The organization is like a system, they interact and work for each other. Since the organization is composed of people from different backgrounds, they tend to create spark and friction. If you simply don’t like a coworker it would be foolish to switch job for that reason. If you have a “bossy” superior, and you do not go along with him, explain to him your reason, give a better reason that he has, it should be professionally focused in the issue. Again, do leave your job if you have this kind of superior. You couldn’t find the satisfaction and reward from other company if you changes job because of these outlandish reasons.

For the reason that others are leaving the company

Grapevine and news could easily escalate when someone from the fleet of workers get a new rewarding job in other company. This act influences other workers, do the thing of applying for other job, if more workers found success, then many will follow. They start to leave one by one. This is the time for you show your loyalty with the company. This is also the time to ask for promotion.

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