application of forklift license in US UK AUHave you ever wonder how to get a forklift license. Your colleagues have it, why can’t you. Forklift license is your big ticket item to land a job as forklift operator. Companies prefer those job applicants already in possession of this. There’s a big demand for your skill.

Your talent is in demand in industries like ports, manufacturing, storages and warehouses, construction sites, depot and other businesses that deals with loading and moving of heavy cargos.

Synonymously, license is also referred to as certification, training, operator card. Do not get confused, it only referred to single significance.

Advantages of having forklift license

  • Quick job placement, wage raise and promotion
  • Proven to be competent to operate forklift
  • Compliance with OSHA standard
  • Boost in morale improving safety culture
  • Reduced near misses and accidents in the workplace
  • Lesser operating cost for the part of the employer
  • Increase productivity improving the profit for the part of the company

If your reason is one these, then here are the steps how to get forklift license:

training of operatorsStep 1: Determine what forklift you want to operate

There are various types of forklift trucks, different in controls, characteristics and function. The training lesson must attempt to address those elements. OSHA states that forklift training must be specific to the type of forklift an operator will be driving.

Evaluate yourself what you lift truck you want be trained on. Some factors that could influence your decision are your prospective job and nature of industry in your state or location.

If want to work in a warehouse, then the most common truck being used in these businesses are the counterbalance forklifts, therefore, you may opt to get a training about this type of machine. If you are in a state where construction is a booming industry, you may choose to operate a rough terrain forklift, trucks commonly used in construction.

Step 2: Enroll for a forklift training course from a private or trade school

We have made available directory of forklift training providers of each state, just select your state, and check there the schools.

Some schools do provide forklift certification through online mean. I strongly oppose against this kind of method. Online training cannot fully certify you. OSHA implies that practice test must be formed part of the training curriculum. You cannot take the practice online, it is completed in person. Do not get hook up with online training, spend some time and effort taking the training in real environment.

Step 3: Attend the theoretical part of the course

This part lasts for 6-8 hours, depending on the extent of the course. During the classroom lesson, you will be provided with reading materials, power point presentation, video presentation, and many other methods of lesson delivery.

Step 4: Complete the Practice Test

It’s another important component of the training. The trainer will supervise your performance. The trainer will teach the basic functions and controls, drive the truck, maneuver them, load materials, relocate the cargos. The trainer will have to simulate what the trainer did. You will be given various tasks to accomplish.

Step 5: Passing Written Examination and Evaluation

OSHA says that some sort of evaluation must be administer in order to assess the skill level of the operator during the training. It is given through written examination. The passing grade of the test is 75% generally, but depending on the standard of the school, it could be higher.

Step 6: Certification

After you have completed those above-mentioned elements of the course and passed the written test, the certification process follows. You can take a sigh of relief when you reached this stage. This is where the instructor will propose you to become licensed forklift operator.

The school will issue you certificate of training completion and forklift license. Keep those document, these are your evidences that you finished a certification course. Present these to your potential or present employer.

Where to Get Forklift Certification

In this blog, we’ve made available to you the listings of private forklift training companies of each state. Just select your state, choose the school near where you are, inquire with them, tell about what you need, and enroll for the forklift certification course.

The training company has their own facility that simulate actual working environment. They have skilled and experienced trainer to deliver the training.

Employers can also make a schedule with the school to arrange necessary training for their operators.

United States

There is no license issuing government body in the US. OSHA only lays out standards to follow. Companies can designate someone as their in-house forklift trainer and train operators in accordance to OSHA or their standard, which ever is higher.

The process of certification is one that mentioned above.

The recertification and renewal must be provided at least once every three years. Employer is the one responsible for the provision of retraining course.


In Australia there are two types of forklift license, LO and LF. LO license only allows you to operate an order or stock picker truck. While LF permit you to drive any type other than order picker.

The above instruction on getting a license is very much the same in Australia. After completing the training course, RTO (school) will issue trainee notice of attainment, notice of assessment and AS1 form. Complete more documents such as 100 points evidence of identity (as listed in here), notice of assessment and attainment, AS1 application form, and corresponding fee. Lodge those to the nearest Australia Post for them to take your photo. Wait for two weeks before WorkCover/WorkSafe will issue you the photographic license. You will receive it by mail in the address you put in the application form.

The license is valid for five years.

United Kingdom

The forklift training can be provided by a private company and the company must be accredited by one of these certifying bodies:

  • Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) 
    Armstrong House, 28 Broad Street, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1AB
    Tel: 0118 989 3229 /
  • Construction Industry Training Board, (CITB)
    Bircham Newton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6RH
    Tel: 0870 417 7274 /
  • Lantra National Training Organisation Ltd.
    Lantra House, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG
    Tel: 024 7669 6996 /
  • National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS)
    PO Box 204, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 7FY
    Tel: 01606 49909 /
  • Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB)
    Access House, Halesfield 17, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4PW
    Tel: 01952 520200 /
  • Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT)
    Unit 20, The Springboard Centre, Mantle Lane, Coalville, Leics, LE67 3DW
    Tel: 01530 277857 /

The method of taking a forklift license in the UK is the same as the above. The type of training that you could take will depend on your skills and requirements.

Here the possible instances why you want to get a training:

  • Novice – for individual with no prior knowledge
  • Experienced – for beginner who has experience driving forklift but without proper certification.
  • Conversion – For experienced operator who to be certified to drive other type of fork truck.
  • Refresher – for operator who has an expiring license can take this. Workers who must be retrained can also take this.


Spend some time and money to get forklift license. It only takes 2-3 days to complete, costs around $200 to $300 and little effort to exert. But the benefit is huge!

When you are in possession of forklift license, you are most likely to be offered a forklift job, demand for a raise, become a trainer of your company, the advantages are limitless.

Follow these steps on how to get a forklift license and you will get your own at no time.

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