I bet you are nervous from the time you receive a call from the employer telling you that you are scheduled for an interview. The first thing to do to combat the feeling of nervousness and excitement is to calm yourself. Don’t you worry I understand that you can control yourself not to get excited, but teach yourself to stay calm. Your nervousness actually can help you prepare for the big day. During the interview, don’t forget to be confident, stay aside your nervousness. From the time you walk into the interview room and handshake the interviewer, your feeling will subside and you can feel serenity. That time, you can think logically to answer all the questions. And of course, answering the questions can make you stand out from all other applicants for the job.

The interview process is your biggest fear, and it is your greatest opportunity to show and prove your qualifications to the hiring manager. It is the time to tell them that you are one suitable for the job, nobody else! When you enter the room, until the time you get out after the interview, I better suggest to keep in mind these important points:

Be cheerful and positive. The first thing to do is to handshake the interviewer. Greet them good morning or good afternoon sir/madam. Feel the air with positive vibes. Let them feel that you are optimistic and enthusiastic to influence their mood as well. Sit down on your designated chair, prepare a good posture, and have smile in your face. Wait for the interviewer to throw the first question. Never say anything for a moment until the interviewer first open his mouth.

Concentrate and be mindful during the interview. Only answer the question in straightforward manner, direct to the point. Have an eye contact with the one who throw the question. If there are more than one interviewers, shift your body a little to him/her and look at this eyes. Make them feel that you are talking to them directly and you would want to speak directly as well. Once in a while, you can look at the other interviewer, as if you are speaking to him as well, this make him feel that you are waiting for another follow up question, if he/she has for you.

Present yourself professionally. Show your confidence and good attitude. Show your professionalism. Sit straight, with your chin straight. Look directly to the eyes of the interviewer. Do move at your chair, make unnecessary movements other than movement of your hands and eyes. Don’t tilt at your chair or cross your legs. Always convey that you are interested with the job, always maintain a positive attitude.

Don’t disagree with the interviewer. – When the questions are thrown away, and interviewer are now giving details of the job or yourself, and you heard with him something that oppose your opinion, do not disagree with him. You can just simply tell the interviewer additional detail aside from what he was talking to. The idea behind not disagreeing is you want to tell to the interviewer that there’s a mismatch and you just want to correct it. Maintain your professionalism and objectiveness.

Answer directly to the questions of the hiring manager. Never give too much introduction to the queston thrown to you. Give the answer directly without giving too much details. Be exact and specific with you answer. There are cases that you do not understand the question, it is better to ask the interviewer to repeat or to give further details so you can answer it correctly and adequately. Ask for it politely.

Always maintain positive attitude – Don’t give negative remarks about something. Never contradict their opinion. Just like the point I stressed, don’t give them negative remarks. Some questions are tricky. Interviewer may ask something about your previous job. He might ask why you leaving your company. The best answer for this question is to tell him that you are looking for maturity and you have met all the objectives you have set in your job, and it is the time to move forward. Never tell financial reason is your reason. They already know about it.

Highlight your qualifications – Highlighting your qualifications and experience doing the job can definitely boost your chance of getting the job. Employer wants to know what can you contribute and with strong qualifications and good education, you are the best chance to contribute for the company. Tell them you are always to learn new abilities, if there’s lacking from you. You are ready for the challenge to become better at what you do. Give them the feeling that you are the one they are looking for.

Answer the questions in straightforward manner. – When you hear the first question, organize your answer in your mind before answering. Your answer must be direct to the point, without further ado, give them the answer they want for their question. Never change course with your answer, only tell them the details they want.

Inquire questions only when asked. At then end of the interview, the interviewer may ask you if you have further question. And this is very common during interview process. This might be the end, but do you know it could also be your greatest moment to show your interest with the job? Many do not know about this, but you can express enthusiasm for the job and your employer can notice it. It will give them positive point about you. So never disregard this ending moment of the process, this could make or break your chances.

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